Can't finish transport mission because of time limit

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Can't finish transport mission because of time limit

Post by oho » Tue, 2. Jan 18, 13:43

Totall Noob question but:
I'm Playing the X Rebirth VR tutorial (after I killed some attackers I have to earn some Money) so I get a very easy Mission (Transport to a Plattform 165 km away) from the black board with a time Limit (about 4 Min iirc). I find the passenger, we get on board, I'm heading to the other platform, but my boost stops after a while and has to reload again. I give full throttle in the reloading period but I can't reach the other platform in time.
What do I miss?

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Post by ajax34i » Tue, 2. Jan 18, 22:19

In the entire X- series (all the previous games), the game's rating of "easy" "medium" or "hard" for missions has always been very misleading.

If you have the Mk 4 or Mk 5 (upgraded) engines that go 250 m/s or more, and you have the Mk 4 or Mk 5 shields that give you enough boosting duration because they drain more slowly, and if you have 2+ Shield Support URV drones that you can launch to refill your shields FAST in between burns, then yes the mission is easy.

Otherwise, for passenger transport missions I would recommend looking at the briefing and clicking "show on map" to see how far you have to go. And, especially, look to see if you can take a highway, going in the correct direction, to reach your destination faster. Because if you have to afterburn 100+ km it will take a long long time.

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