GOG vs Steam

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GOG vs Steam

Post by cailic » Mon, 1. Jan 18, 02:01

I haven't seen anything relating to weather X4 will be available on GOG. I hope you release it there as well as Steam because I truly despise Steam. I always have even before I was forced to join it. I own X Rebirth on Steam and haven't played it in a year. Saw it on GOG, bought it, and now I'm at least attempting to play it, even with the mouse issues since the latest patch. I've decided not to purchase any more games on Steam. I will wait until they become available on GOG.com. I know others who feel the same way. Steam is just too big of a PITA.

I love your games and I would like to purchase X4 when it comes out, but not if it is only available on Steam.

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Post by Axeface » Mon, 1. Jan 18, 02:13

Can I ask why you hate it so much? Ive been using steam for like a decade, got tonnes of dirt cheap games, and never had a problem. You say its a PITA, why?

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Post by mr.WHO » Mon, 1. Jan 18, 12:11

It might be he had several game related problems and blame Steam for it.

I have the same with UPlay - I refuse to use that platform, despite that I'd love to play Rainbow Six Siege :(

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Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 1. Jan 18, 15:35

"Can I ask why you hate it [Steam] so much?" Not here you can't. :P

Since we've already had this discussion here, this can slide away.
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