Teladi Dissapointment

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Post by Thrake » Fri, 22. Dec 17, 01:13

Sssssso many profitsss lossst for sssslick design ssssake! :cry:

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Post by spankahontis » Sat, 23. Dec 17, 00:12

Tamina wrote:I liked the Teladi Capitals in XR a lot. :(
They were very unique, beautiful and interesting as well with their "front heavy design" in contrary to the usual ellipse shape.

Kind of sad I am the only one thinking so :( ... rodeur.jpg

Personally, I don't think about it, what's awesome to someone is crap to another.. Egosoft aren't going to please everybody no matter how hard they try when it comes to ship design, it's impossible.

There were ships I thought sucked in AP, mostly Teladi ones and Paranid and there were ships I thought were sleek, sexy with awesome weapons like the Vidar and the Moljinar of the Terrans, plus their Destroyers like the Valhalla and the Odin looked badass.

I have the exact same love/hate views for certain ships in Rebirth.
It's about personal preference in the end, beauty is in the Eye of the beholder.
There is no.. WaaaHH!!

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Post by csaba » Sat, 23. Dec 17, 00:46

I might add that these are probably not all the end designs.

Look at the Colossus in the second stream. After something like the Arawn even Egosoft would be disappointed in themselves to release something so plain like that. The whole model lacks details, and the textures are probably placeholders.

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Post by ajax34i » Sat, 23. Dec 17, 06:28

IMO, if you want to keep with the "put together from the lowest cost parts" design, Teladi ships should look more like stations, with engines at one of the ends. Compare the screenshots of the ships you guys have posted with screenshots of the stations in X3, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

So, since the stations have changed, the ships should change too, borrowing the aesthetic.

Otherwise, hardest to do would be Boron ships, because for some reason their ships are sea creatures, and higher resolution fish shape is still basic fish shape. Every other race models their ships after structures rather than creatures, perhaps the Boron would have been better off with coral reefs or underwater polyps (animated to sway with movement changes) for ships and stations.

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Post by BigBANGtheory » Sat, 23. Dec 17, 12:00

I like the X3 Teladi styling too though I think I would have phrased it a little more politely.

Here I'll fix it for you.... "Dear Egosoft could we please have some more asymmetric ship designs in the future for variety and uniqueness."

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Post by repatomonor » Sat, 30. Dec 17, 20:19

Well, let's see the design history so far. Showcasing the Teladi falcon in the pictures.

X-BtF / X-Tension: low poly designs (understandably) with certain shapes for each factions. Split ships for example were pointy, argon ships tried to look more human than the others.

X2 The Threat: tried to borrow the old designs from the previous X games, but with more details, yet the part that irked me the most about them were the modular cockpits, as in, each faction had the same friggin cockpit design. The rest of the smaller ships were also built up from the same modular designs, and sometimes only the engine smoke's color and lens flare could differentiate them from one another (eg, TS class ships). Good for keeping the disk space minimal, not so much for the game's aging process, though. ... en_031.jpg

X3 Reunion / Terran Conflict / Albion Prelude: Probably the biggest design change in the history of X games, and for the batter. Literally. Argon ships looked modern, yet rusty with missing parts here and there. Boron ships looked sleek, yet alien, like a sentient water creature's spaceship would look like. Split ships became sleeker and darker, fearsome. Paranid ships gained that monumental look that reflected their ego. Teladi ships also gained the proper appearance that fitted most to their old descriptions: welded together used ship parts. Once Terrans were introduced, they had that NASA look to their USC ships, but once flown, it felt like as if I'm using an Apple or Samsung product: too good to be true. ... h_t_m3.jpg

X Rebirth: This game had an interesting twist in terms of designs, but that mostly applied to stations, rather than ships. Up until the Teladi DLC, the ships designs were pretty much welded together from X2 and X3. For example, there was an M-class ship, that was literally the X2's Centaur.

However, it did introduce the Teladi ships and stations in a new, modern design. ... ebirth.png

X4 Foundations: This game is going to be the second boxy designed game after X2, but this time, for a proper purpose: modularity. So far in the streams, we could see that they are implementing an upgrade system, so we could change our ship parts, visually too hopefully.

The ship designs so far is a wink at X-BtF with a polished look, but yeah, I agree with the OP's concern. If not else, the color scheme is not too Teladi-ish yet.

I mean, it does look like an Argon ship right now. But you can also see how they are trying to get the first Falcon's shape into it. Nice job with that, Egosoft!

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