XRM Cockpits - Possible to swap a cockpit style on the same ship?

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XRM Cockpits - Possible to swap a cockpit style on the same ship?

Post by Sammorgan0 » Sun, 24. Dec 17, 06:09

Hihi. A lot of the cockpits reduce the amount of space you can see, while others allow for a much better view. Is there a simple file edit that allows for changing the cockpit style of a ship if its a bit impractical? If not, is there any other way of decreasing the amount of cockpit that gets in the way of the view (ie to move the camera position forward from within the cockpit)?



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Post by UniTrader » Sun, 24. Dec 17, 16:30

the Cockpit a Ship uses is defined in the types/TShips.txt inside the Cats/Dats. You can edit it with the X3Editor2. Note that there are multiple TShips files in the Cats/Dats. The one withe the highest Number is the most recent one and has the priority.
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