[MOD] Terran Conflict plots 2.2a for Albion Prelude 3.1

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Staja Bepon
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Post by Staja Bepon » Sun, 17. Dec 17, 22:19

SirNukes wrote:Hm. There was at least one bug with the patch code; I realized this morning but didn't have the chance to update it until just now. I edited my post and you can try that again, but maybe something else is going wrong if neither this or my original fix is working in your case. I can take another look over the weekend if it is still bugging up for you.
Just to be clear when I make this xml file and place it into the addon/director folder it should auto fire when I load my game after gate has been placed?

Also for future reference if you extract certain xml files out of the Cat file into director folder. You would need to delete that file from Cat and put the correct one you want into the Director folder and not back into the Cat file director folder? or could you do either or? Thanks I'm still learning here Ha

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Post by SirNukes » Sun, 17. Dec 17, 23:59

Loose files in the folders, like addon/director, have priority over anything in the cat/dat files, so you don't need to do any edits of those.

Yes, the code I posted should fire a few seconds after loading a save with that file in the director folder. You can add some code like this, in the same do_all block with the gate creation, to verify the code was run and the gate was created in the new home sector:

Code: Select all

                <position x="0" y="0" z="-75km"/>
                <sector x="9" y="6"/>
That should put you a few km from the created gate. As long as there is a matching gate on the other side in sector 9,7 (which should get created when you select a sector name), it should connect up properly.

Staja Bepon
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Post by Staja Bepon » Mon, 18. Dec 17, 00:54

It's not firing, I don't warp. I'm going to use GoG version (vs Steams) and reinstall and setup game, and see if that helps. Strange cause everything in the game works, this is first quirk in this play through. working on hub plot now, the beginning anyways

Staja Bepon
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Post by Staja Bepon » Mon, 18. Dec 17, 01:24

Well that worked (reinstalled game), changed the New Home xml file and loaded game before payment. New Sector is mine. I really appreciate your help, thank you.

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Post by zwierzu » Tue, 10. Apr 18, 09:36

Hi, is this mod compatible with Apricot Very Easy Hub script?

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Everything in sector explodes when i enter several terran sectors

Post by Skumleren » Sun, 2. Sep 18, 13:54

Hello everyone
This is the only mod i have installed, so i am quessing the problem is inhere somewhere.

Whenever I enter a Terran Sector such as Uranus or Mars, my ship, along with every station and ship explodes as soon as i exit the gate/jump beacon. I have access to Saturn/Heretics end/Asteroid belt and a number of others, and my reputation is Servant of Terra/Lunar Access. Have anyone had experience with this? It is pretty hard to do the ATF plot when my ships constantly explode. I did an Argon start.

Thanks a bunch

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Re: [MOD] Terran Conflict plots 2.2a for Albion Prelude 3.1

Post by elqatta » Tue, 2. Oct 18, 10:39


I think I may have a problems with ANH plot.

Despite I met all requirements whenever i fly near Danna's Chance (at least 2 away) I never get a message from any ship.
I downloaded the Interactive Plot Manager to see if the plot is triggered or not, and when I open comms menu I see blue book icons next to PHQ, HUB, and Final Fury plots and nothing next to ANH and Treasure Hunt (screen here: http://prntscr.com/l15z5x ).
I also tried to Reset plots but nothing changed . I really dont know what to do!!!

These are the installed mods:

Terran Conflicts plots 2.2
Interactive Plot Manager
Smart Turret
X3 Resurrection

Thank you all.

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