Massive FPS improvement (v4.30)

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Massive FPS improvement (v4.30)

Post by AndrewR » Fri, 8. Dec 17, 02:40

I just started playing v4.30 of X:Rebirth and of all the changes, the most noticeable is a significant increase in frames-per-second.

It has more of less doubled the FPS.

Has Vulkan been implemented in this release, or is it due to a combination of improvements?

For reference I am using an AMD R9 270 with Intel i5-3570K and 8GB RAM.


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Post by CBJ » Fri, 8. Dec 17, 11:01

No, we haven't changed the graphics API for the non-VR version of the game. We've made a number of improvements that should help with performance in various situations, but a doubling of the framerate would surprise me. However it's possible, I guess, that in some very specific situation, perhaps one also involving some bug that has been fixed, that might happen.

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Post by AndrewR » Fri, 8. Dec 17, 12:53

Thanks for the confirmation, CBJ.

The framerate increase is significant. Although I have not used any framerate tracking function - the experience has improved from "okay" to "butter smooth" for the most-part, particularly around stations.

Two other things.

1. It seems to take a bit longer to save the game.

2. Market has seriously shifted (not in my favour) - such as fewer Podkletnovs on sale, and the buy/sell price gaps have shrunk. Not sure if this is temporary and will rectify over time.


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Post by memeics » Mon, 11. Dec 17, 23:58

If you are using regular v-sync then a 5FPS boost can give you an effective double of performance in certain situations. If previously your FPS was hovering below your monitor's refresh rate (say below 60Hz) then, because of v-sync, that would have resulted in an effective 30FPS. But if now with the optimizations you are hovering over 60 that would result in an effective 60FPS, double what you had before.

You can run any FPS monitoring software with the previous and new versions of X-Rebirth to test this hypothesis, but probably not if you got the game from Steam where there's no update rollback support. GOG ftw :)
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Post by ajax34i » Tue, 12. Dec 17, 06:08

Am I mistaken or did they put in high-res textures for the NPC clothing?

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Post by RainerPrem » Tue, 12. Dec 17, 06:23

ajax34i wrote:Am I mistaken or did they put in high-res textures for the NPC clothing?

not now. They are still the same as before. Perhaps your machine uses another renderer now.


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Post by MrFiction » Tue, 12. Dec 17, 11:14

Can confirm a much smoother game with 4.30. The explanation from memeics sounds plausible to me.

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