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Post by Morkonan » Fri, 1. Dec 17, 18:50

Mightysword wrote:... I remember back during the Regan era when the Air Traffic controller in the US tried to do something like this, Regan ordered them to go back to work or get fired. And he did end up firing all of them and moved military operators in as replacement. The US have not seen the same issue ever since.
Legal or not, and people still argue about that, he did it and it set a precedent for those in critical "federal"'ish jobs. ie: If you're in a critical position, your "protest" should only go so far.

We still see regional protests like that. Things like waste-department workers striking, resulting in garbage piling up, and the like. I'm fine with that, but only up to a point. Someone may be unhappy about something, but when they start negatively effecting the lives of other people, their "protest" must stop. ie: Blocking a highway should get one arrested.

@Usenko - Have there been any developments since the protest? Do the protesters believe that they have gained any support? Have they continued their efforts, or are they now "spent" in the afterglow of the protest?

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