Teladi Overwatch under siege but Teladi don't give a ****

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Teladi Overwatch under siege but Teladi don't give a ****

Post by dazzed » Fri, 24. Nov 17, 20:59

There are 3 Pirate capital ships constantly sieging the Teladi main station in the Teladi DLC.
Those ships attack every freighter, even friendly ones including Teladi Union, but the Teladi sector patrol does not do anything, nor does the station attack them.
this bug is just ridiculous and has been in the game since release of the Teladi DLC over 3 years ago. time to fix it ES. :evil:

Alan Phipps
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Post by Alan Phipps » Fri, 24. Nov 17, 21:07

Apparently not a bug but deliberate. Those unsavoury factions only attack dedicated trade ships and not any fight class ships or Teladi stations - almost as if by arrangement with the host military ...

You can use multirole fight ships to trade safely there without being bothered by them, such as captured Phoenix Marauders. :wink:
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Post by astreus » Sun, 26. Nov 17, 18:08

This is stupid or fun, depends how you deal with it.

Such a pirate fraction, Cartel or UA, their Phoenix will not attack you even if you are 'dark' red with them.... (if you are not in a trade ship)

This turns the complete game around and makes a kind of game breaker.

Why? right after your boarding strength is over .... 70 you could very easy board their Phoenix:

Fly close to them (they wont attack) , deploy 30 limp mines around, on good positions (not more or your target might be history) and blow them up at once - you have a M.Phoenix ready for boarding.
Add a crew (engineer 5*) and board the next Phoenix......
After you have number 8 - 10 boarded, your #1 may be full repaired (it took long with this Phoenix) and you could transfer the crew for the next new boarded.
Sell the Phoenix for 55 million or more.......!
Board #11......
and don't forget to pour your money down the drain, buy some destroyer, ....:lol:
There is no better way to make lot of easy money - forget own stations and trade ships!
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