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Gunnery Crews for X³

Post by Reven » Wed, 4. Oct 17, 16:07

Some of you who played X² may remember the AEGIS and gunnery crews plugin I wrote. When X³ Reunion came out, my intention had been to rewrite the plugin for that (and subsequent) games. Technical challenges associated with changes in the game from X² (the game was altered to make these sorts of gunnery crews scripts less effective) and then a large/long dose of career change and life took me away from X for a very long time. However I'm back again, and I want to gauge whether there might still be enough interest in X³ Reunion to justify updating the plugin.
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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Wed, 4. Oct 17, 20:08

This forum isn't visited that frequently anymore these days. You shouldn't expect more than a handful of posts or replies per month at all.

In any way, before you start porting AEGIS from X2, I suggest having a look at MEFOS by Lucike, which is a gunnery crew script based on (at least the idea of) AEGIS. (I don't know whether any actual code from AEGIS was used.) I'm afraid I don't think there's a topic of MEFOS in the English X3R forum, but you can still download it here and check the X3TC topic here to learn about the basic idea behind the script. Features are likely similar, but may be more extensive in the X3TC version. (Also the interface has changed due to the availability of custom menus in X3TC.)
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Post by jlehtone » Tue, 10. Oct 17, 18:30


Vanilla X3R NPC ship turrets do have gunnery-crew like features:
* They drop to single installed hardmount, if no hostiles are nearby
* They swap guns based on target distance

I can't remember whether that was there already in X3R 1.0. Neither have I checked whether it's implemented in turret scripts or in hardcode.

I do remember baffled users, when captured or PHQ repaired ships occasionally retained those NPC turret commands.

X3AP has gone way further: user can create three custom turret commands with prioritized primitives. IIRC, there is a "weapon chooser" primitive too.

X3TC and AP have "Attack shields" commands to assist the BigShip Boarding, as well as missile boats with "Missile Barrage" command.

X3R Bonuspack scripts include "Group Hotkeys" that lets you invoke "Launch missile at my target" in every ship of a fleet.

That said, there is no equivalent of AEGIS "missile assaults" in any vanilla X3*, AFAIK. Why chase everyone, when you can simply invite all to the party at your place?

It's hard to gauge the size of current X3R player-base. Currently, I hope to reach satisfaction with X3AP by the time X4 becomes real.
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