X-Rebirth Steam HOW to have German audio and Italian text & menu - Method supplied

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X-Rebirth Steam HOW to have German audio and Italian text & menu - Method supplied

Post by -Sumo- » Wed, 13. Sep 17, 11:18

Hi, i decided to retry to play with X Rebirth as i have heard that the game is much better now and i'll give it another try. (Maybe it will help me to be prepared for X4) ;)
But i'd like to play the game in steam with the German audio and all Italian text.
Is that possible without modding the game?

If i mod the game, are the steam acheavments blocked?


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Post by linolafett » Wed, 13. Sep 17, 12:02


this is indeed possible!

Go to your game directory (where you installed the game via steam) and locate the lang.dat and voicelang.dat .
In these files is just a single number referring to the language you want to use.

49 is german, 39 is italian.

So set the number 39 to your lang.dat to get italian text but keep german audio.

Modding does not affect achievements.
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Post by -Sumo- » Wed, 13. Sep 17, 14:23

Thanks a lot!!
But how can i "set" the number to the lang.dat?

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Wed, 13. Sep 17, 14:45

It's an ordinary text file. You should be able to open it with the Windows Editor or any other text or xml editor (e.g. notepad++).
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Post by Alan Phipps » Wed, 13. Sep 17, 14:46

Right-click on lang.dat. Set the file extension association for the .dat files to be opened in a simple text editor such as WordPad as default by using 'Open with ...' . Then just change the number inside the file using the text editor and save it.

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Post by -Sumo- » Wed, 13. Sep 17, 15:30

Many thanks to all of you for your help! It seams easy to do :)
I'll try it this evening
wish you all a grat day !

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Post by -Sumo- » Thu, 14. Sep 17, 09:43

update for you,
yesterday i have tried it and it worked!
But first i had to download the German version (i had the italian version with Steam).
Only after that it worked changeing the 49 with 39 in lang.dat
Changeing the voicelang.dat does not work.... as it will disable the voice audio.

Now it's perfect for me !

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Post by CBJ » Thu, 14. Sep 17, 10:17

Yes. Switching languages for the game from the Steam client changes which voice files are downloaded, and also changes the .dat files to contain the corresponding values. Since text files for all languages remain available regardless of which language you choose in the Steam client, you can simply choose the required voice language in Steam and then just edit lang.dat to a different language for the text.

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