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[X3AP] Command Line Options
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PostPosted: Tue, 12. Sep 17, 23:03    Post subject: [X3AP] Command Line Options Reply with quote Print

I'm hoping to find a good (possibly documented?) list of command line arguments.

So far, only this came up:

along with some 'discovered' options. Is there anything else?



//(empty comment lines where obvious > //)
//(best guess..?)
//(nothing means no info)

-window                          // syntax..?
-fullscreen                      // syntax..?
-profi                           // loads input map .xpf files..?
-noabout                         // skips launch window
-intro                           // force intro video playback..?
-galedit                         // syntax..?
-load                            // load X##.sav file, syntax..?
-sservername                     // Steam server DNS name..?
-sserverport                     // Steam server port number..?
-runinbg                         //
-noruninbg                       //
-faststart                       // skips main menu, loads default game start
-skipintro                       // skips logo video and famous quotes
-clearstats                      //
-clearstatsandachievements       //
-ignorejoy #                     // ignores joystick button #, repeatable

-fontscale #                     // main menu and UI font size -> garbage
                                 // integers only, divides size by #

-o filename.txt                  // outputs build date, OS, command options
-lowpri                          // starts as low-priority process
-hipri                           // starts as high-priority process

/*most likely export options*/
-s                               // sfx related..?
-m                               // music related..?
-hicol                           // something 16 bit color..? Really!?
-truecol                         // something 32 bit color..?
-double                          // double image size..?  double precision..? (unlikely)
-mipmap                          // finer texture sampling..?
+mipmap                          // coarser texture sampling..?
-convertbodies                   // converts geometry assets..?
-dumpusedbodies                  // dumps geometry assets..?
-generaterdf                     // generates packed textures..?

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