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X3:AP - How to add the scary to your game plan. [An (almost) DID campaign]
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PostPosted: Mon, 11. Sep 17, 12:43    Post subject: X3:AP - How to add the scary to your game plan. [An (almost) DID campaign] Reply with quote Print

I've been playing X3's occasionally and lurking (reading) the forums on and off for a couple of years, and I figured it's time to finally add something - even if it's just a cool game plan. Rolling Eyes

The concept is, nothing comes for free. One could build factories and auto-traders from here to Kingdom End, and then use that to dominate combat without getting their hands dirty. Or replace an entirely decimated fleet for very time and little effort.
Personally, I prefer to earn my fight rank, and feel permanent loss when my fleet takes a beating. This makes every fight (IS and OOS) important and assets all the more valuable - nothing is really 'throw away'.

This makes progressing 'up' the class tiers especially heart pumping, because you'll never have an equivalent ship unless you've capped it before. Razz

Also, using the Organic Notoriety script, one can never be friendly with absolutely everyone. "The friend of my enemy is my enemy". Any gain in Argon rep causes a big loss in Paranid, and a slight gain in Boron, and peeves the pirates too. This really limits what stations things can be bought from, where you can travel, and what ships can be capped.
The script also makes gaining rep harder and losing rep extremely easy - making it hard to switch, say from being Boron friendly, to Split friendly, but not impossible.

I'm currently sitting with the plot Centaur, a liberated pirate mamba, and about 6 Universe Traders that are keeping me afloat. Plus about 30 marines are studying their little butts off ready for their first boarding (no reloading boarding ops to save their souls).

I'll post up any progress I make, or major losses. I've already pushed the Centaur's hull to ~20% a few times fighting M7's, and a stubborn M1 Tokyo that wouldn't leave my Hub!

Mods list is included at the end. 'Organic Notoriety' isn't installed until after the 3 main plots are done, up to Shady Business (ASAP).

Enjoy. Very Happy

JT's X3:AP Rules for sailors:

**Permanent Loss**:
(no-reloading cheat)
    (1) If a ship/ marine/ station is lost, it's gone FOREVER. No reloading. (exceptions: auto pilot collisions, afk deaths, glitches)
    (2) If I die: reload last save, change ship and manually destroy (not sell) the ship that died, including cargo.

**Ship Acquisition**:

    (1) Ok to buy any fighter/TS/TP, if already capped that class from bailing, and race notoriety allows it.

    (2) Can trade in (sell) 4 capped ships, and buy 1 ship of that class. (eg. 4 M6's for an M6, or 4 M6+'s for an M6+)
    (Pre-'Orgainic Notoriety' addon, can only trade to Argon and Boron; after install, can trade to any if friendly enough with race).
    (3) Trade in is discounted to 2 capped ships for 1 bought ship, if successfully boarded 2 classes above previously.
    (eg, if successfully boarded a TL, then can trade in 2 TM's for 1 bought TM.)
    (4) Also, can trade in a successfully boarded ship for a bought ship of 2 classes lower or more. Eg, can trade in 1 capped M7 ship for either 1 bought M6+ ship, or 1 bought TL ship.
    Exception: 2 M6+ = 1 M6, due to the TL being at a weird in-between level. (requires more marine deaths, but easier combat).

    (5) ALL TRADE INS must be fully repaired first at PHQ, NPC Shipyard, or by Mech/Eng marines from Anarkis addon.

    (6) Can build any ship in the PHQ.
    (7) Can only get PHQ Blueprint if acquired from capping, or capped/bought after 'Organic Notoriety' installed.

**Game Balancing**:
    (1) ALL enemy ships must be allowed to use MARS Fire Control for anti-missiles and turret optimising. (This makes all non small ships v v deadly, compared to vanilla, and makes missiles nearly useless)
    (2) Can only use Boarding Pods as missiles in M7M's (no other missiles)
    (3) NEEDS TESTING: If enemy MARS is shooting down pods/marines, and Ion D can't destroy all weapons + Mars drones, ok to remove enemy MARS *after* Ion D to destroy most weapons.
    (4) Cannot use free repair laser on M6 and bigger ships (TM's ok). Pay repairs in shipyards, or with Anarkis addon's marines with high engineering or mechanical.

    (5) Cannot use Stock Market, or sell Nvidium ore.
    (6) No use of clear game exploits, eg Comms>Apologise when it was the main target.

    (7) Must finish plots up to Shady Business ASAP, and then install 'Organic Notoriety' addon.
    (8 ) Must have 1 addon increasing Pirate OR Xenon difficulty, active.
    (I've chosen Pirate Guild 3 setting them on medium scary to start. If they're not scary enough I'll bump them a level. This should make boarding ops...
    Twisted Evil

    Lastly, not exactly a hard rule, but a personal preference - No using Plasma Burst Generator weapons (flamers). I'm not a fan of em anyway, but I hear they *can* be game breaking.

    1. M0
    2. M2+
    3. M2
    4. M1
    5. M7
    6. M7C & M7M
    7. M6+ & M8
    8. TL
    9. M6
    10. TM

**Mods Installed**:

MARS Fire Control
Capital turrets are now deadly to small ships, as well as big ones. Plus ENOURMOUS missile defence - Missile barrages are near useless against Caps and sub capitals.

Pirate Guild 3
Pirates build towers, raid traders, invade like xenon, and bounty hunt specific races, npcs and players that get on their bad side. They defend similar to Race Response Fleets with jumpdrives, and grow over time if not put down.

Organic Notoriety
"The friend of my enemy is my enemy". Helping Boron makes Split hate you, and Argon like you, etc. Makes it impossible to be blue with everyone. Gains are much slower, and rep losses are huge. They trusted you!
Like a standalone version of True Relations from the old Race Response script

And here's what the races think of each other. Teladi is neutral to almost everyone:

Anarkis Defence System
Light weight alternative to CODEA. Also Pirate Guild 3 uses Anarkis to warp in pirates when their bases are attacked Surprised

Auto Aim (only allowed for repair laser on fighters/TS/TP)
Repair laser makes the early game, living in a fighter and bailing rat fighters, slightly more forgiving. The combat aiming part of this script isn't allowed for this game save. Cool

Universe Explorers
To set up a sat network and hunt them tasty targets

Where to, Captain?:

The end goal is to have a moderate empire of stations in the Unkown Sectors feeding my reclaimed fleets with kit, and defending from incoming invasions from the Pirate Guild. Maintaining an OOS defence fleet will probs be the biggest challenge, especially if the pirates get bumped up a difficulty.

If I truly bring order to the Unkown Sectors and my Reclaimer Fleet, I fear for the future of the Terrans and the Paranids. Let's hope it doesn't come to that

Strategy tips:

I'm considering using Hub gate relocating to get big ships on their own. When a big target ship enters the hub, switch where the gates lead to so the target has a long detour home, then board.
I've heard of people doing this in X3:TC, but they only had 1 pair of gates active, essentially creating a pipe. In X3:AP all the sets of gates are active, so this could prove tricky. We'll see Razz

I'm kinda hoping to get some tips for boarding and finding targets outside their home. It'll also be interesting to see how fast I munch through the marines without reloading for boarding.

Wish me luck!

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PostPosted: Mon, 11. Sep 17, 13:08    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

Good luck!

We normally frown on mods being discussed in this forum but in the interests of a good story let's see how you fare.

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PostPosted: Mon, 11. Sep 17, 15:53    Post subject: Re: X3:AP - How to add the scary to your game plan. [An (almost) DID campaign] Reply with quote Print

Jellyfish_tracks wrote:
I'm considering using Hub gate relocating to get big ships on their own. When a big target ship enters the hub, switch where the gates lead to so the target has a long detour home, then board.

(Vanilla) X3AP has RRF. RRF does not show up in the Hub. The Hub is thus at least as easy place to board as any other sector.

On a race sector there are two parties that adjust their opinion about you: the race of the victim and the owner of the sector. (What your mods change, I don't know, nor care.)

The owner of the Hub sector (you) does not care what you shoot there. A neutral place to board. I presume that your "long detour" plan tries to gain reputation via boarding/killing in race-owner sector of your choice? A "better than neutral ground", unless the RRF makes a mess.

Yes, you can reroute traffic with the Hub, but there is a limit on how often and quickly you can update connections.

Learn what fleets make long trips. You might be able to make their journey shorter with two Hub connections. If A--Hub,Hub--B is shorter than A--B, and does not cover same sectors, then they might end up in harms way.

Always scan the mark first. You don't want to hear from your cutting crew that the target has decided to reverse its polarity.

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