Marine officer stuck after boarding

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Marine officer stuck after boarding

Post by Miniding » Sat, 26. Aug 17, 11:14

Hi all!!

I know lot of you will be in germany or at least, like me, online today... :lol:

I already had this bug, I boarded a Rahanas and got it. Put a COM,ING and DEF-O onboard, start to use it... No trouble.

But my marine officier is still on the rahanas and don't wan't to go back on the skunk. Menu don't show "get back onboard" option either face-to-face chat nor Radio-call...

Any way someone could help please? I remember seeing post about it but it was many updates back in time and don't think (didn't find it though :P )it's still relevant...

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Post by Alan Phipps » Sat, 26. Aug 17, 12:45

This post and thread with a possible workaround?
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