X2 Nopileos - English Kickstarter?

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X2 Nopileos - English Kickstarter?

Post by Xebec22 » Fri, 26. Aug 16, 21:36

Dear X Fans,

This is my first login to the forums since Feb 2007.. I'm here because I finally noticed that Farnham's Legend was translated to English, and I **really** enjoyed the book and really wish there were an English translation for the rest of Helge Kautz's X books.

I'm curious if it might be feasible to get a kickstarter going to translate the book into English? With a certain amount going to a company that does the translation, and anything beyond that going to the author?

X2 Nopileos lists as a 411 page book; assuming 250 words per page, there are approximately 100 000 words to translate. "Google" says typical cost for translation is 10 to 25 cents (USD) per word, meaning a kickstarter (after cost) would need to make a profit of $10,000 for this to work.

Of course we'd need permission from the author, and the source material. We'd probably want some kind of approval and inclusion from Egosoft..

We could also do this as an Indiegogo with no time limit, or something similar so it's not 60 days and "dead".

What are your thoughts on this?

P.S. Yes I'm playing X again after reading the book :)

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Re: X2 Nopileos - English Kickstarter?

Post by HelgeK » Tue, 29. Nov 16, 15:43

Xebec22 wrote:Of course we'd need permission from the author, )
Granted :-)


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Post by KiwiNZ » Wed, 30. Nov 16, 12:08

If there is a conscious effort to translate it, I will happily volunteer my time again. I need to check because I think I had already started a translation after we finished Farnham's Legend.

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Post by TTD » Sat, 27. May 17, 20:03

count me in as a future purchaser, when translated to English

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