need help finding gate to earth.

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need help finding gate to earth.

Post by tawhitt » Tue, 18. Oct 16, 07:59

Hey guys,please forgive me if this has already been answered,but this forum is massive and i looked but didn't find a answer,so here is my question,i am in heretics end and i dropped 2 navigation sats. and i still cant find the gate to earth,there are no asteroids it could be hiding behind so where is it?do i have to do something before it will appear? i am exploring/mapping and dropping nav.sats. as i go and i am at the right place and would rather not have to come back later to map the earth sectors unless i have to,TY guys for any help u can give me.

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Tue, 18. Oct 16, 17:35

It's always a good idea to mention the scripts and mods you have installed when posting in the Scripts and Modding forum.

If I remember correctly in the vanilla game you can only reach the Earth sector during the main storyline.
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Post by UniTrader » Tue, 18. Oct 16, 18:56

and in the plot its just a cutscene. there will be a gate supposed to lead to earth at the end of the plot, but the gate is impassable and heavily guarded. to get to earth play tc or ap.
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Post by Star Fox Zero2 » Thu, 6. Apr 17, 01:42

download the mod x3 xtension adds too many things and more systems

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