Looking for X-Tension modding tools...

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Looking for X-Tension modding tools...

Post by NTi-KiNETiCA » Sun, 19. Feb 17, 21:20

Hi all!
I've posted this first in a general forum "X Trilogy universe" hence there is no dedicated modding forum for original X games, I've been told to try here, so here I am... orignal post follows \/

Long time ago there was a modding tool that enabled to change ship stats, I believe it was created by Stone-D.
I'm looking for a copy of this program, or anything else that performs similar function.
It used to be available at the-commander.com, site seems to be down Sad

Why I'm looking for this? nostalgia simply!
I would like to redo a mod that I've been using while playing X-Tension its purpose was to rebalance pirate ships, transporters had their speed given back to their race specific values, shields stayed the same at 1x 25mw cause now they've got guns so they need some drawbacks Razz Mandalay got 4x1MW shields and Alpha PAC, Bayamon is great the way it is, Orinocco got extra 5MW shield, then Xenon ships got a bump, N got Alpha PAC, M got Alpha HEPT and L got beta HEPT... I'm looking forward to recreate this...
Thank you all for looking!

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