help with x3 reunion script editor please

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help with x3 reunion script editor please

Post by tawhitt » Fri, 7. Oct 16, 05:57

Hey guys,i am wondering how to properly enable the script editor,i read 1 post that said to type Thereshallbewings in your pilot name area,then i read another post that said u need to capitalize both the T and the 2 L's in shall,so which one is right? and how will i know it is enabled, will something happen that i will recognize, after i get it enabled how do i turn it on? the default key is s ,but i read somewhere that u need to push the s key then the c key then the s key again,so which one is right? i have never been able to use the script editor in any of the x games because i don't know how to do it,please someone give me some detailed instructions,ty guys.

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Fri, 7. Oct 16, 09:43

The steps you have to follow to activate the Script Editor are described in the following FAQ article: [FAQ] Activating the Script Editor.
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