Problems with CAG and other traders

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Problems with CAG and other traders

Post by Daaki » Wed, 10. Aug 16, 22:57

I have a really strange issue, i recently installed X3 reunion again with the updates. For some reason i cannot access the CAG or CLS settings. I do have the menu points in the trading sections to start CAG or CLS but when i try to access them i just get a command accepted message and the ship simply does nothing.

Alan Phipps
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Post by Alan Phipps » Wed, 10. Aug 16, 23:06

Moving to Universe (gameplay) forum but please check first that you have successfully installed the X3R Bonus Pack with the relevant trade facility options selected.
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Post by ancienthighway » Wed, 10. Aug 16, 23:28

No automated trader can be started unless there is a pilot on board. If you don't have a pilot, dock at a station and then set your trade orders.

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Post by Daaki » Thu, 11. Aug 16, 00:20

I did all that, they have a pilot and such its only the menu that does not open up, so i cannot do any settings. The bonus package is installed properly from the dvd and updated.

Basically it goes like this, i have the ship with all the software at its home assigned station docked. I go to trade-> start commercial rep. After that instead of getting into the settings for the things as i have seen in guides i simply get a command accepted message, a pilot gets assigned but nothing happens after.

Currently the only trader that is working is the sector trader.

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Post by ancienthighway » Thu, 11. Aug 16, 04:51

Do you have a home base set for those you want to be CAGs and those you want to run CLS1? It is required.

CLS2 and Mk3 traders do not require a home base.

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Post by Daaki » Thu, 11. Aug 16, 12:22

Yes a homebase for the CAG was set. The I just saw that the station manager is also not working properly. I cant add ships to it.

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Thu, 11. Aug 16, 13:15

Daaki wrote: After that instead of getting into the settings for the things as i have seen in guides i simply get a command accepted message, a pilot gets assigned but nothing happens after.
Your description suggests that you read the wrong manual / readme, as in X3R the CAG and CLS scripts are not set up over a nice looking menu as in X3TC (custom menus were first introduced with X3TC). You set up the CAG / CLS over the additional command slots of your ship. Following Alan's link above you can read the short description of the BP scripts in their relevant topics. Additionally, you should find a readme file for the Bonus Package in the "description" folder of your X3: Reunion installation directory.
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Post by Cursed Ghost » Fri, 12. Aug 16, 00:24

first and foremost I'd make sure the install of your game isn't corrupted and that everything is properly installed I'd also make sure that there isn't an issue with your computer which might stop the game working correctly I'd also make sure you don't have a conflict between mods because if you do then unexpected things can happen and things may not work as they should

after checking those things there are a number of common causes for the issue you are seeing

for example:

did you add enough credits to the stations account?
did you set the stations jump radius big enough?
did you make sure the resource buying price isn't set to low?
did you make sure the goods sale price isn't to high?
did you remember to set the home base?
did you equip your trade ships accordingly?

if you got any of these things wrong then the commercial agent will just sit there doing nothing

also is your commercial agent a noob or is he experienced ? because at first noob agents can only buy resources and wont use the jump drive

Also you should be aware that commercial agents that are armed work a bit differently from commercial agents that are not so if you are using Dolphins that carry no guns then you may find that they will just sit in the station doing nothing because commercial agents that are armed will go to sectors that commercial agents that are unarmed wont i noticed this so i binned all my Dolphins and got Caiman Super Freighters instead which seemed to fix the issue

this next one is just a subjective observation which i cant confirm but the speed of your trade ships might also be a factor if the ship is slow like a Dolphin then that may also cause the trader to just sit in stations instead of working because there is another ship going to the same station but because the ship is slower it calculates that it wont reach the station before the computer and therefore doesn't try like I said i cant confirm if this is one of the things the commercial agent script checks to determine where the ship should go its purely a subjective observation but if it is true then that may also be a reason for what you are seeing

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Post by RAVEN.myst » Thu, 1. Sep 16, 02:52

It's as Illuminatus says: if you are going "back" to Reunion from TC/AP, then you are expecting the interactive menus of the CAG and CLS, but these were introduced in the TC versions. In Reunion, the interface is more like that of the scripted traders in the X2 bonus pack - you issue commands using (usually) 3-digit command codes, so until you end up memorising these through sheer use, you will want to either keep the list open on your second monitor (if applicable) or print it out and keep it handy.
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Post by Timsup2nothin » Thu, 1. Sep 16, 03:08

Or hang it up and go back to TC. I may well be the number one advocate of CLS and even I play Reunion without using them.
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Post by jlehtone » Thu, 1. Sep 16, 22:11

The X3R CAG:
* Command "Ware lock/unlock" in the Additional Ship Commands Menu
* Command "Configuration", in the Additional Ship Commands Menu
* Presence of some ship upgrades is a boolean flag that affects behaviour

Folder "description" within the X3 Reunion folder should have the Bonuspack's ReadMe*.xml, if Bonuspack is installed.

However, user Daaki has not posted since Aug 11, and thus RAVEN.myst might have touched a shallow gra...
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