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Vo leaned back in her chair wondering once again if she was wise to ignore the implicit suggestion from her lord in his last message, that it might be better to do more than just remove Cra from his post. Only the fact he had allowed this was her decision to make, accounted for the fact the man was now standing in front of her. He had made many mistakes, that was true. Yet when those had been pointed out to him, he had recovered quickly. Nor had he tried to shift blame for his failures to others, as some might. Still, some punishment was in order, he had forgotten that his first duty was to Rhonkar no one else, it was time to remind him of that.

“You are being reassigned Cra, you will report to the outpost in Rhonkars fire, for additional training. These are your orders” Vo handed him the slim folder that held the travel authorisations she’d prepared for him. “If you do well, you may have the opportunity to regain your former rank. If you do exceptionally well, you might even find yourself under my command. Your transport is standing by, you are dismissed.”

Cra saluted smartly before leaving her office, that he had not protested her decision was a sign her judgement of the man had been correct. That left just one final decision to make, in this instance she was not inclined to be merciful. Vo contacted the watch commander and ordered the girl escorted to her office. Perhaps a few days in the brig had convinced her, it would be wise to break her silence. If not there were other methods of obtaining the answers she wanted.


The guard sat her in the single other chair in her office. Clearly her time held in isolation had unnerved her. Cael was unable to hide her fear, despite her attempt to appear indifferent as to her fate. Her youth betrayed her, no doubt till now she had never considered the possibility of her own death, the young rarely did. Yet that was what her betrayal merited, she had sworn an oath to Rhonkar, an oath she had broken. Why? That was the question that troubled her the most, her record of service brief thought it was, had been exemplary till now. Cra’ her first, and last commander had also seen fit to praise her, despite the fact she’d been in restraints the last time he’d seen her. That may have been influenced by his obvious attraction to her. His replacement Kye’ lit had also endorsed Cra’s opinion of her, though he had not said so openly, his words suggested, he suspected some involvement between her and Cra. What had possessed the girl to throw away what had promised to be a brilliant career. Destroy the career of a man she apparently held in some regard?

"Could that be the means to break her silence she wondered?"

“In a way I have to admire you Cael” Vo began watching the girl closely now. “You choose to accept your fate with dignity, rather than plead for mercy. That I can respect. It is unfortunate your former commander does not share your courage.” Vo signalled the guard to leave the room.

“Cael, I cannot believe you chose betray us without cause. Was it Cra, did he abuse his authority? Was that why you set out to disgrace him? Tell me now, whilst there is still time for me to intercede on your behalf.” The girl’s reaction showed she had perhaps made a mistake in assuming the worst of Cra.

“Commander Cra never acted inappropriately towards me.” She said with some indignation that Vo believed he might have.

“Was it the assassin then, we know you passed information to her, whatever hold she had over you is gone, we destroyed her ship when she sought to escape.” This was a lie, yet Cael did not know that.

Her collapse was as sudden, as it was complete. She seemed to fold in on herself, unable to hold back a single strangled cry of grief. “Then it was all for nothing, I’ve killed him.” Cael cried out. Thinking she meant to attack her as she shot to her feet, Vo reached for her pistol. It was immediately clear that was not her intent, her eyes filled with tears she turned and bolted for the door, dropping her head at the last moment. Vo fired but the stun bolt did little to lessen her impact as she struck the door head on.

“Medical my office now,” Vo ordered over her com link before rushing to Cael’s side. She was slipping into shock; Vo had seen it often enough to recognise the signs. “Who was on that ship Cael?”

“My brother Keffy” she answered before losing consciousness.

Cael held a necklace in her hand, she must have reached for it as she ran at the door. It was a trinket, the type lovers shared, she opened the locket to reveal the pictures it contained. One was obviously Cael, though it was not a recent still. The other she assumed was that of her brother. Vo recognised the boy how could she not, she knew the faces of every member of the ruling houses. Cael's had never been amongst them, yet if what she had said was true, she would have to warn her lord that they might soon find themselves at war with one of his staunchest allies..
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Annette Barret
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For those reading.

Sabrina died.

Not in game but for real. She had a few chapters written which I will post in due course after I take care of some personal stuff.
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Annette Barret
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You have got to just love New York.

I was only sat here for a couple of hours when a guy promised to give me the grand tour. You New Yorkers are so friendly. So I'll be staying at his place for a while. He won't, that's what happens when someone tries to spike my drink but what the hell, he enjoyed it. I must admit his gun collection is impressive, I think I will borrow it. Along with the cocaine he had tucked away, speak to you guys soon.
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