Source Code Share. A good way to keep it the comunity engaged

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Would you want to have access to parts of the source code

Yes, i would love to contribute and fix bugs
Yes, i would love to see some bugs fixed by the comunity
No, that's just a silly ideia
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I don't have any idea what is the "source code"
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Source Code Share. A good way to keep it the comunity engaged

Post by pfigueiredo1 » Mon, 16. Nov 15, 20:47

I've played a lot of X universe games from boxed XBF to X3

I think that it would be a very good move from egosoft to share parts of the source code along with the game it self.

Space engineers allows this.

It would be fantastic to allow access to parts of the code to the community along with a visual studio project. parts of the project could be in binary form like the rendering engine and small parts of the game engine. but it would allow the community to extend the game and provide bug fixes.

The licence model could be restrictive enough to keep egosoft the owner of the code or something in does lines.

It could start with last X3 as an experience. (well that's the game I own rigth now)

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Mon, 23. Nov 15, 19:10

Bernd Lehahn, Managing Director of Egosoft, actually allowed modifying the .obj files, which contain the source code, more commonly referred to as "hardcode" or KC in these forums. The Time of the Truth Mod for X3TC and Litcube's Universe for X3AP are two mods that make changes to .obj files. There is decompiler somewhere in a Russian forum, but I don't have a link at hand. See also this topic for some related discussions.

As for an "actual" source code release, together with tools and documentation, I doubt it will happen any time soon.
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