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[X3R] Registration keys

Post by Chief034 » Wed, 28. Oct 15, 18:17

Not sure if I'm in the correct forum. Apologies. My key looks like this: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx . That's the format. I can't register it on Steam. Nor have I been able to register it here. Anyone know why that can enlighten me?


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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Wed, 28. Oct 15, 18:22

Yep, wrong from. Not a scripts and modding issue. Moved to X Trilogy Universe forum. :)


There's simply no agreement with Steam that X3R retail keys can be registered with Steam, as there is for X3TC. See the Game registration codes sticky for reference.

If the forum refuses to accept your key, then make sure that you didn't confuse any letters with numbers (4 instead of A, 6 instead of G etc.) or vice versa. If it still doesn't work, ask an admin, Xenon_Slayer or CBJ, via forum PM for help. In any way, there are no access restrictions for X3R forums and downloads anymore. So even if you don't have an X3R ticky disk in your profile, you can access all X3R relevant forums and content.
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