From The Ashes Rose A? X3AP (with TC Plots) DINQD

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From The Ashes Rose A? X3AP (with TC Plots) DINQD

Post by BankruptAssasin » Thu, 27. Aug 15, 23:29


It seemed to take an age, or at least it seemed like it did – The first anyone knew there was a serious problem was when we saw the blinding white light that came through the Starboard side, the explosion sent shockwaves spiralling out in all directions, we were too close to the Akuma & felt like we had been hit directly, Crewmen were sent sprawling down hatches & launch tubes, the enveloping cloud of debris smashed against the Hoshi & caused a number of Hull Breaches in the lower decks including the Hangar Bay.

The Captain has ordered us to Launch, a relatively common procedure for a fighter pilot with little drama except that this time it wasn’t, not only was the hangar bay covered in debris, the Hoshi has only half of its quota of fighter ships on-board with the biggest threat a handful of M4 Tonbos – Not ideal when you just saw your Flagship Destroyer get smeared across the Hangar Bay by a Paranid Armada which included 2 Deimos, An Odysseus & a very large group of angry M3 – M5’s that have been spewing out of the Zeus at an alarming rate.

I manage to launch about half a Sezura before the Hoshi followed the Akuma’s Fate – The resulting blast, coupled with liberal usage of PSG’s sent my Tonbo hurtling the opposite direction, no systems online, Alarms Ringing, warning lights flashing, Betty is squawking about Hull integrity being critical, I managed to press the ejector button and fizz off into space in my Spacesuit alone & helpless.

I get my bearings, the adrenaline is starting to recede, my breathing returns to normal & my heart beat is reading a healthy 120 beats a minute. I can see debris floating off a couple of clicks north of my current position, the Paranid have started to retreat back, I guess looking for survivors isn’t in their Military Doctrine, I ignite my thrusters & head South towards Ocracokes Storm – about half way across the sector I spot an abandoned ship, as I get closer the radar on my spacesuit detects the signature as my M4 Tonbo, the Hull integrity is at 1%, no shields on-board, all weapons fried off, it looks like the Auto Pilot took over when I ejected & got the hell out of dodge & finally wound up here.

I crack out the Repair Laser & some time later I have a workable & usable ship – Beats the hell out of floating through space at 14ms – The sound of the voice in my head & my blood pumping through my ears was starting to drive me insane.


This is just a quick back drop to a DiD i may write about - I will upload images & updates as & when i can. I'm currently looking for the best Free Tools to upload & Edit the Images while trying the keep them a good quality. Suggestions Welcomed.
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Hey Bankrupt Assassin you're back!

As Harry Stamper said "Damn good to see you Bro."

Love the intro and yes I will be reading. So Get typing dammit.


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