[X2] How To Run X2 On Vista (or Windows 7/8)

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Post by CBJ » Tue, 19. Mar 13, 21:13

It's a good idea to update your game to the latest version. Use this FAQ entry to work out which patch(es) to install.

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Post by Ruffus » Sun, 4. Aug 13, 14:37

sorry to say this didn't work at all lol

followed it to the letter but nothing

so have someone got the link to the steam game please lol

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Post by raggidman » Sun, 5. Jul 15, 15:40

:D thanks - it worked! first time 8)

was driving me mad

feel the graphics are better with the original version - at some point they were upgraded a touch too far - but at least I am back in the X-Universe
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Post by solitaire70 » Sun, 23. Aug 15, 23:54

Thank you, you are awesome, worked straight off the bat.
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