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Post by Vayde » Fri, 4. Jan 13, 23:18

Bonus pack version = NO

Stand alone version = YES

Go to Lucike's site and download his latest version. It has options to set the amount of drones and missiles purchased.
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Post by lumbrius » Mon, 7. Jan 13, 21:59

Wouldn't that stand alone version mark my game ad ***modified***? :(

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Mon, 7. Jan 13, 22:08

Yes, it will mark your save as *modified*
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Post by Staxed » Tue, 15. Jan 13, 02:59

does anyone have a link to the current download? I can't seem to find it on his site (I also don't know german), and I checked the thread with links to his mods in it on this site and didn't see a link for this one?

I want to install the bonus pack but I want the updated versions of the scripts so trying to find this one.

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Post by Lakz » Tue, 5. Mar 13, 01:06

I used the Dockware Manager to set a 300.000 E-cells stock limit on my HQ. In the trade duties, I set my CAGs to "Sell Product" down to 50%.

However, they ignore the limit and sell the stock down to 0. Any idea?

(The e-cells stock being depleted, they start to fly to customers instead of jumping. Being based in Nyana's Hideout, it rapidly gets ugly when they go South or East :roll: )

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Post by escondido » Tue, 5. Mar 13, 19:30

ok.i have a situation... My Cag agente lost his ship and call for help..i sende another ship to rescue him....now is in the cago hold, so the question is.
how i put in back working in another ts ship ???
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Post by AndrewRG » Wed, 6. Mar 13, 07:39

According to:


The CAG script (as well as CLS) is compatible with the Xtended Mod.

I've been told to only use scripts that are specifically designed around the Xtended mod. If this is needed, would someone be so generous as to point me in the right direction?
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Post by jbrookins3 » Sun, 9. Jun 13, 18:19

so one of my ships got waste by the xenon and i got a message the the pilot escaped and wanted my help so i went and picked him up and now hes a passenger, how do i put him in another ship to continue his job, hes a major dealer and i don't want to loss him

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Post by SpongeBobSpacepants » Sun, 3. Nov 13, 14:35

First I just wanted to say that this script is excellent.
I just wanted to know how the training works for CAGS. I have stations that id really like to put CAGS into purely to be able to sell that stations product, this isn't a problem as im pretty clued up with the way CAG works. However I just cant seem to get them trained to "Trader" quick enough. So I needed to know what sort of money they need to make to be able to get to the elusive Trader level, then I can pop them into a station and leave them to jump about selling or collecting all on their own.
At the moment I have a Weed/Fuel complex in Unknown sector (next to Nathans Voyage) The trainee CAGS are homed at this complex and they buy energy from a L SPP right next to the Weed/Fuel Complex. The CAGS are buying energy from this SPP for 14 credits. If I increase the price on the energy cells would the CAGS train up faster ?

Thanks for any advice

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Post by Vayde » Sun, 3. Nov 13, 19:44

CAG's like CLS pilots train over flight time. 2, 4, 6, 8 hours etc etc. If you have a CAG pilot just hauling ecells he/she will level up once enough flight time has elapsed.

They usually notify you via your msg log that they have leveled up. Also if you put auto naming on you can see their current level in the name.

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Post by SpongeBobSpacepants » Sun, 3. Nov 13, 21:41

Ah I didn't know about the naming bit, thanks :)

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Post by conter1 » Tue, 3. Dec 13, 12:17

Good day,

i am quite new to X:TC and wanted to ask a few things:

1) What does the CAG what the normal game does not do? Isn't there for my ships with installed Trading software already options like "Buy wares for best price" and "Sell wares..."?

2) Can i use it with the X-Tended mod?

3) Can i use it on an already progressed savegame? I started my current game some weeks ago, so can i install the script now and use it in that savegame or do i have to start a new game?

4) This would be my first custom installed script. Is there anywhere a manual how to install this script when never installed any script before?

Thank you!
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Post by Figge04 » Fri, 24. Jan 14, 21:05

can someone explain me, how exactly station pricing works?

I can set a low, and a high, is this where it buys, and when it sells?
or is it that it will buy mostly low, but if nothing else is around. will buy the high stuff?

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Problem with starting commercial representation

Post by razgriz02 » Sat, 24. May 14, 19:29

Hi there,

I've got a problem with the "Start commercial representation command".

I just started a new game, the command works fine for my first ship. However, the command is disabled for any other ship (homebases are set).

Have you an idea what i'm doing wrong ?

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