[MOD][X3:AP/TC] Terran Player Headquarter V1.0

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[MOD][X3:AP/TC] Terran Player Headquarter V1.0

Post by Zeron-mk7 » Sun, 13. Oct 13, 11:44

Terran Player Headquarter V1.0 for X3AP and X3TC
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Terran Player Headquarter mod replace vanilla Player Headquarter station model.

Station has internal docking and 12 capital ships docks.

This mod does not trigger a "modified" in the player statistics.

Compatible with all mods, who does not change the vanilla Player Headquarter station.

Mod must be installed as "False patch".

Terran Player Headquarter Mod link

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Post by Nicoman35 » Sun, 13. Oct 13, 12:05

:) Looks cool.

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Post by qwizzie » Mon, 14. Oct 13, 19:46

very nice looking headquarter

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Mon, 14. Oct 13, 20:03

Indeed, great work. :thumb_up:
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xypher stone
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Post by xypher stone » Sun, 27. Sep 15, 04:02

I love this Hq totally fit's my empire because i only use ufc stations great work :thumb_up:
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