Would you like x2 on android?

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Would you buy x2 on android?

Depends on the price
I don't own anything Android
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Would you like x2 on android?

Post by tijcker » Sun, 22. Sep 13, 22:54

Any chance of getting x2 on android. I think its about time we got it on playstore. look how much GTA 3 on andriod must of made to be able to invest 100 million into GTA 5. X2 would be the best game on play as the rest of them are just cr@p. :-) what do the rest of you think?[/b]

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Post by AgamemnonArgon » Mon, 23. Sep 13, 08:02

I have an Ipad and would not attempt to run such a clever game on it.
X Universe needs real computers to enjoy the experience of gameplay.
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Post by HootTheWise » Sun, 29. Mar 15, 02:50

i played an android game - SpaceRPG - before discovering X2 Runs on my Old PC. and the before mentioned app is a 2D top down game mirroring X2 in many ways and was likely the main inspiration in my opinion. I Loved this Game and now X2 has replaced it :D
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Re: Would you like x2 on android?

Post by Malcius2 » Tue, 30. Jul 19, 19:38

There is a game called Alite available for Android, which is a fairly faithful clone of the original Elite. So, no owning fleets of spacecraft or building space stations but you get flying around in space, fighting and trading. 😊🛸🚀🛰️

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Re: Would you like x2 on android?

Post by TheDiaz » Tue, 6. Aug 19, 03:40

On android there is a game called Interstellar Pilot. Randomly generated universes, you can trade, fight, mine, be a taxi manager, bounty hunter, pirate, own fleets, build and run stations. Hasn't been updated for a few years and the universe is 2D but it is the closest thing.

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Re: Would you like x2 on android?

Post by X2-Illuminatus » Tue, 6. Aug 19, 18:11

After six years, 28 votes and 4 replys with suggestions for three other games, I think we can let this topic finally rest. If you'd like to discuss other games than the X-Series, there's always the Off Topic forum.



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