need help scripting stations

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need help scripting stations

Post by hydrophreek » Mon, 12. Nov 12, 10:53

Hello I am new to the scripting world. I have beaten the story already and wanted to just play around. I have successfuly created ships with the script editor however when I try to create a station the station appears but in the center of the selected sector and it has no shields. I have searched forum ontology of forum with no luck. If anyone out there could strafe me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your help

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Tue, 13. Nov 12, 20:23

The position of the station can be specified in the create station command. The last four arguments in that command are the sector the station is added to and the station's coordinates (x, y, z) in meters within the sector. If your station is placed at the sector centre you have either entered 0 (null) or minor meter values as coordinate values.

Shields can be installed to a station by simply using the "install ware" command in the Trade Commands section.

If you want to build a factory, you will also have to add a product and resources and you have to turn the station trade and production tasks on. The necessary commands can be found in the General Object commands below the "create station" command.
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