So without SETA how do you not get utterly fed up building a trading empire?

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Post by Typee » Thu, 26. Apr 12, 12:45

Not expecting anything, I just don't understand what "realistic proportions" means.

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Post by Hektos » Thu, 26. Apr 12, 22:51

Typee wrote:Not expecting anything, I just don't understand what "realistic proportions" means.
Well "realistic" tends to mean close enough to real life for believability.

"Proportions" tends to mean some kind of scale, as in not actual size. This could be either fractions of normal size or multiples of normal size. In the case of Rebirth I'm going to go with some fraction of normal size.

Now, you can take that however you want. Me, I see it as, they are going to create as close to a full scale Universe as the game engine will allow. This of course will mean that there are sections that will contain absolutely nothing...but I suppose that "comes with the territory" when you're talking about anything space related :)
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Post by Typee » Fri, 27. Apr 12, 00:10

That's quite likely yes. Well, let's wait and see.

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Post by SilentcontrolSXM » Fri, 27. Apr 12, 01:26

Even with realistic proportions a travel from the sun to
earth would take minutes at light speed, so imagine it with a highway from X Rebirth acceleration a ship flying at 100m/s 1000 times => 1/3 light speed so you will spend 24 minutes in a tunnel ... unbelieveable.
Personnaly thinking that maximum time traveling in a highway will take 3 minutes or it will be very boring.
Superhighways between 2 planets would be in that way unrealisticly fast, making ship moving faster than light.

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Re: So without SETA how do you not get utterly fed up building a trading empire?

Post by Morkonan » Fri, 27. Apr 12, 11:10

Shrewd135 wrote:...X3tc already has some components of that for me. I do a few missions, get some money, buy some traders, since what I really want is space ship (X). So I set them up and drop on seta, watch a couple you tube videos, and whalla I have the currency to do what I actually wanted to do in the first place. Now without seta, that currency accumulation seems to me to be much harder, or at least slower sounding...

Am I right?..
I don't think you're right, at least in regards to how I experience X3TC.

I don't use SETA.... I just don't have time for it. I have used it, on occasion, very early in the game. But, I don't use it any longer.

According to my stats, I have around 17 hrs "saved" under SETA with 24 game-days played. I don't know how that would compare with other's games, but I've enjoyed mine just fine without much use of SETA. (Around 500 million credits, 750 ships or so, a bunch of stations/compexes but not as many as most, probably.)

However, I DO think that the option could add to certain player's enjoyment of the game, but only if the game is constructed in such a way as to allow that. It may not be. It may be that there's already plenty to occupy a player's time in Rebirth, even a brand new player who is working their way through the economic ranks. The "Gimme NOW!" play-style may already be adequately rewarded in Rebirth, without the use of SETA.

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Post by porkchop76 » Thu, 3. May 12, 10:47

I could not agree more.

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Post by Notchi » Thu, 3. May 12, 14:34

I've on the other hand used both SETA and steam browser ( or sometimes switching to windows) to pass my time. My usual start of the game involves getting a TS and shuttling ore... which can take a while. SETA is not necessary if ES manages to provide:
1. Same time difference - meaning that if the time needed to get to a location in X3 series so far was 2 minutes with SETA, it should take the same time now without SETA.
2. Better (even different one will do ) UI - provides something to do while you are traveling.

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Post by notaterran » Sat, 5. May 12, 20:29

If we're talking about passing the time, how about minigames? GTA had them, and the Silent Hunter series (which had the equivalent of SETA) could've used a chess or poker minigame -you can actually see the crew playing cards in the WWII footage. Perhaps it's not too expensive to license one of those old chess engines from the 90s.

And how about the highways themselves? A few seconds close to the speed of light means that a longer time has passed elsewhere. Maybe SETA might be implemented after all.

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Post by Kofa » Sun, 6. May 12, 00:57

I use SETA a lot. Whether it's when I go from A to B, or I want a small break from the game but would still like to earn some creds. I also use SETA to speed up jumping times. But really, it would take forever to build up your empire without SETA, and I have a hard time believing those who say they never use it.

For me, playing the game is not doing all the work by my self.
I find doing missions or just trading to be repetitive and boring after a while.
Thus I like to set up a trading empire, automate whatever I can automate and watch it all in SETA. When I build my empire I tend to switch to playing X3 as a strategy game, which I think is great fun.

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