[MOD] Better Visual Range And Blending for IE

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[MOD] Better Visual Range And Blending for IE

Post by F.A.B. » Sun, 25. Dec 11, 22:29

first, i love IE, imho it's by far the best mod for tc. but i never could become accustomed to the way objects blend in (or pop up) and at what distance they are fully visible in foggy sectors. so i made this mod to change the visual range and smoothen the blending of objects in all those sectors to make them look more... believable. unfortunately you have to try it out and see if you like it (and i hope you do), since screenshots can't really convey the feel.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
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Post by vega » Sun, 25. Dec 11, 23:21

Maybe some before/after screenshots?!
So far it looks like a contradiction - foggy sector but all stations are visible :?
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Post by Litcube » Mon, 26. Dec 11, 01:01

vega wrote:So far it looks like a contradiction - foggy sector but all stations are visible :?

Which seems more realistic to me. I mean, it certainly looks better.

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Post by garrry34 » Mon, 26. Dec 11, 03:10

would it cause any problems in AP...
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Post by F.A.B. » Mon, 26. Dec 11, 22:51

vega wrote:Maybe some before/after screenshots?!
wouldn't help, as you wouldn't see any stations with the original IE values at this distance. besides, if you have IE installed you'll see the difference right away.
vega wrote:So far it looks like a contradiction - foggy sector but all stations are visible :?
well, that there is fog in a sector doesn't necessarily mean that you can't see anything at all. it just means that you won't be able to see objects beyond a certain point, as the fog gets denser and denser. what i did is simply link the visual range to the fogs density and make the blending match that accordingly.
garrry34 wrote:would it cause any problems in AP...
i've no idea.

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Post by Exigaen » Thu, 26. Jan 12, 14:38

what is this IE you speak of?

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Post by sayonara-p » Thu, 26. Jan 12, 15:41

Immersive Environments? I think.

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Post by Lord Kellmar » Fri, 27. Jan 12, 14:53

I'm currently trying this mod, I appreciate the longer viewing distance in foggy sectors (Black Hole Sun, I'm looking at you :shock: ).
But in some sectors, the range may be too long. Now I can see the South gate of Senator's Badlands right from the North gate, and it causes some lag because of the stations I've built there.

BTW, I've installed both EI and Hubble Backgrounds, the result is quite :o
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Post by Moonrat » Sun, 29. Jan 12, 20:35

You may be interested in this...?

X:TC/AP Background Mod - IEX 1.0c (24/12/2011)

A shameless plug (again) I know... :roll:

IEX combines IE, some new stuff and the best backgrounds from the 'Hubble' mod & TOT (enhanced for your viewing pleasure). IEX also has extended viewing distances where appropriate and is compatible with both X3:TC and AP.

More features to be added after current work in-hand finishes...

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