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Post by xu0365 » Sun, 22. Jan 06, 14:20

where can I down the editor?

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Post by Burianek » Sun, 22. Jan 06, 20:47

You don't need to download it, it's already a part of your game. You just need to activate it.
Activation instructions are in the first post of this thread.
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Post by careyb » Tue, 21. Mar 06, 16:53

Am trying to sctivate the script editor by typing Thereshallbewings will flying but all that happens is that I get taken to the various key activated menus....

Am I being colossally thick????

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funky finny
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Post by funky finny » Sat, 7. Oct 06, 16:56

its quite a simple mistake to make, ive got an unpatched version of the game and the script editor comes easily to me. type "Thereshallbewings" (by making the "t" a capital disables all hotkeys untill you finish typing the script activator code) then press ctrl + c to bring up your commands box and go down 'till you see "scipt editor - s" choose that and your basicaly in. script editing is quite hard and i dont get it properly but im workin on it :D


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Post by rabid-badger » Thu, 21. Feb 08, 02:14

Hey does anybody know how to save out a game so I can Play it?

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Post by Dead2thewind » Tue, 7. Oct 08, 16:34

Brianetta wrote: Yes I can. Or is a logical function, which returns true or false (yes or no). Yes, it is weeks or months.
haha I liked that dunno why.
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Post by Joule » Sun, 24. Jan 10, 18:34

Is there any way to quit the script editor again? I made a script, applied it and now I want to quit the editor, it shows many informations that I dont need. Is it possible?
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Post by Dongaio » Sun, 17. Apr 11, 16:41

I have a problem with Goner's TS and fighters. How to set start actions for this race?

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