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This script is...

interesting, but I wont use it
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Post by Dragonlord27 » Wed, 16. Mar 11, 02:39

so is it safe to say that NO ONE has figured this script out? I had this script about 2 years ago and it was working flaulessly...no problums whats so ever. Now I reinstall the game and get back into just to find out that the one and only script I ever downloaded and really enjoyed no longer works?

The thing that sucks to most is that I worked great. And I now know what I am missing and the game just isn't as much fun. :evil:

Why does Xia-Corp not fix it (though for him he may not know it needs fixing and with all the scripts he has made its hard to keep up with all of them but still.) If anyone has figured this out yet and has it working please post if not I will do some deep digging and see how I got it to work a few years ago....though it may just be I had a diffrent version of it.

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Post by MBD » Wed, 16. Mar 11, 18:28

You need also to install the Station Upgrades Framework to get this script to work.

One of the 6 .xml files in the Trade Command Mk2 script is called setup.Xai.st.SUF.xml. On a whim I installed the Station Upgrade Framework script and the Trade Command Mk2 script as been working perfectly ever for me ever since.
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Post by Dragonlord27 » Thu, 17. Mar 11, 23:54

OK SWEET yeah I found out that when I deleted the setup.Xia.st.SUF.xml the game loaded but the commands didn't work. So I know it had to be something about that one command. Thanks for your help I will download the station upgrade framework and see how it goes. Thanks again.


Yep it works great now.

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