[TC] What ship type is Pirate Ship hiding under?

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What ship type is Pirate Ship hiding under?

Post by sleepy_head » Fri, 25. Jun 10, 03:09

I already have a Pirate Ship capped back in v2.5 but this thing refuses to RE. I can't even sell it. I seem to recall this thing came from one of those Duke's Dangerous Material Freighter. But I have been scanning all pirate TS for a max speed of 90m/s and haven't found any for a number of days. Does it still exist post 2.7? If so, under what name are they hiding under?


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Post by Catra » Fri, 25. Jun 10, 03:16


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Post by imperium3 » Fri, 25. Jun 10, 11:58

They were removed in 2.7 because apparently they weren't meant to be in the game to start with. So you won't find any other than the one you already have.

Alan Phipps
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Post by Alan Phipps » Fri, 25. Jun 10, 12:58

Sleepy, Imperium3 is correct. You will have got it originally not from the Duke's but from the Pirate convoys (a Pirate Freighter that changes to Pirate Ship on capture and some Blastclaws (some Proto) and Elites as escorts). It used to be listed in ship type 'Other' right at the bottom of the list of types after Mxs and Txs etc in Property - Ships by Type.

As a very poor and bugged TS substitute, its only capture value was as a conversation piece.

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