"Placeholder" factory after 2.1 install

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"Placeholder" factory after 2.1 install

Post by thiosk » Thu, 11. Jun 09, 07:55

I'm running the steam version of X3 with a few scripts and mods-- most notably complex cleaner, the CLS\CAG\EST\Prospector scripts, and super tractor. Not much else that i can think of off the top of my head.

Anyhoo, after 2.1 everything works fine, except that I have a strange "placeholder" factory for sale in shipyards, presumably instead of the Crystal Fab Ls i keep reading about.

These fabs cost in the neighborhood of 18.5 million credits and have no lists of required goods in the box on the right.

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Post by CBJ » Thu, 11. Jun 09, 10:17

It's likely to be something to do with the scripts/mods you are using and the patch not getting on. As such it's something you'll have to take up with the authors of those scripts/mods.

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Post by EphemeralDeception » Thu, 11. Jun 09, 13:35

I have a similar problem.

I have complex cleaner and the cycrow boarding script - Nothing else.
I neither get a placeholder nor the L crystal fabs in my factories list in any of the shipyards.


A long time ago I installed a script to add terranfactories to tterran shipyards only, but have since removed it, prior to 2.1 update. This may be a factor sinc ethe script played with factory arrays but only terran ones.

This script was/is called : setup.zzz.addterranfactories.zip and contained one xml file. This could be related to my problem but not the OP, I suppose.

Many people are using CC and boarding scripts so I will wait and see if others have he same problem.
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Post by Alan Phipps » Thu, 11. Jun 09, 14:47

EDIT: I strongly recommend going to the S&M Complex Cleaner thread before doing anything else mentioned below. People with the problems below are having lasting issues and discussing them there.

@ thiosk: Placeholder is a Complex Cleaner model which has clashed with the new Crys Fab in your changed cat/dat entry order post-2.1. Gazz has updated his mod for 2.1 and you may want to check with Gazz for advice first in his S&M CC thread.

While I know things could be fixed in t/Factories and by changing a position number in Gazz's set-up script, I think another possibility is probably just to delete CC, reapply 2.1 patch and install the newer CC. EDIT: Not necessarily complete solution. Don't try running a savegame without any CC or you'll crash.

@ EphemeralDeception: You could try same but you may have a further cat/dat mod issue as well.

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