[SCR] Save early, save often!

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[SCR] Save early, save often!

Post by Gazz » Sun, 13. Apr 08, 18:02

Das entsprechende deutsche topic ist hier.

Earlier today X3 crashed again. It's no particular script - it just doesn't run perfectly stable on this computer. Whatever.
Since I had just spent an hour in Pirate Alley and was herding my newly capped ships to the nearest shipyard this was annoying.
Of course I hadn't thought of saving.

Back to scripting... =)

This script reminds you of saving every 20 min.
If you are fighting (laser or shield energy going down) it waits another 2 minutes.

The script can not know when you saved last. All it does is remind you, just in case.

Image (ZIP)

Installation: Copy both files into the scripts folder.

Deinstallation: Turn it off in the AL settings menu or simply delete those 2 files from the script folder. There are no side effects.
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Post by Balto » Mon, 14. Apr 08, 03:39

Thanks Gazz.
This is a godsend for absent-minded players like me. :)
I lost a forty station complex a few weeks ago due to a random CTD. :evil:
At least now I'll have a fighting chance 8)

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Post by crazed nerd » Sun, 8. Jun 08, 05:24

Now this will save me a couple of headaches!

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Post by Lancefighter » Sun, 8. Jun 08, 05:54

saving? whats that? :D

(actually i need to download this, almost lost my LX due to a game crash. I was lucky I saved after getting it into my orca.)
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Post by KingCrimson » Sun, 17. May 09, 12:06


The downoad links for your mod are invalid. I'd though I'd let you know 8)

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Post by LV » Sun, 17. May 09, 12:26

Gazz wrote:The script can not know when you saved last. All it does is remind you, just in case.
what about if you set it via gv so it really pesters you until you save (monitor salvage insurance maybe)

e.g users sets save time via option, once it goes past your constantly pestered via msg or audio until you save and it resets and the gv is altered.

just an idea I actually only posted to confirm there appears to be no DL link :)

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Post by Llewelyn » Mon, 18. May 09, 00:07

Nice idea. I've wasted time on failing to save stuff and getting killed, before now. Not getting running issues but the computer it's on now is rather more capable than last time I ran it.

Actually, I want a script that lets me save half-way through the freakin' asteroid thing in Ocrakokes Storm. I hate when you get past ll the detectors but the last one.

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Post by jimhsu77479 » Mon, 18. May 09, 22:00

Of course saving is complicated by the fact that flak weapons break when you save in the middle of a battle (wtf) and sometimes the freaking save gets corrupted (wtf?!). I've had to resort to opening up 2 instances of X3TC to test if my last save is bugged (again, no particular script is causing this), and incidentally i never EVER get a corrupted save when 2 instances of X3TC are open. That's one weird bug.

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