[S] [06.08.06] [X3 3.2.00] Commercial Agent

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Post by Cycrow » Tue, 15. Aug 06, 03:05

its because the newer version of it is currently getting signed

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Post by xCav8r » Wed, 16. Aug 06, 00:36

Thanks for the reply then; I'll await a new release. In the meantime, the English description is a bit hard to understand. Can anyone who has used this shed any light on how it differs from Naf's Station Trader (besides the pilots being paid, of course)?

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Post by Hieronymos » Wed, 16. Aug 06, 02:10

I'm not sure, but it seems many if not most features are identical.

Burianek's and Aalaardb's "Station Manager" also has similar features, and may have superior pathfinding logic. But to my knowledge it doesn't equip station ships with and use J-drive.

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Post by Shanjaq » Wed, 16. Aug 06, 05:45

This sounds very useful, I'd love to use it but it looks like command SHIP_31 is in conflict with one of Anarkis Carrier Commands!

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Re: Can't Get Script to Work

Post by jumbled » Sun, 20. Aug 06, 03:59

xCav8r wrote:I'm in the same boat. I recently installed this script, but I've not been able to get my freighters to do anything. They don't move at all. When they're located somewhere other than the homebase, I see the homebase flash as the destination, but they don't actually go home or move anywhere.

Anyway, what information can I provide to help troubleshoot this?
What level are your freighter pilots at? Are they all 'newbie' pilots? If so, you'll need to level them up on a station that has resource import needs before they can go out to sell stuff. As they level up to max, they'll "learn" to sell things and later learn to buy/sell intermediate products as well as primaries.

When I start new pilots, I try to build them up by setting them to work on individual stations (usually buying energy or something) before moving them to complexes. But once they reach FP2 level, they'll show their usefulness with Jdrives and improved efficiency. A full ranked pilot also knows how to do several things at once on any single trip out. I've seen pilots come back with several resources at once after stopping at multiple stations along the way. :)

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Post by Lucike » Mon, 21. Aug 06, 00:52

English update.

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Re: [S] [06.08.06] [X3 3.2.00] Commercial Agent

Post by jumbled » Fri, 25. Aug 06, 04:09

Lucike wrote: [*]Pilots stop, if the destination station were diminished during the flight.
No offence, I love your script, but I think you need to work on the English a bit more. "Diminished" means to make smaller. Perhaps you mean "demolished" or "destroyed"? Or are you referring to the amount of resource to buy on it being reduced?

One thing I noticed in your version history is something I saw one of my ships doing one time. It worked for a complex that made drones. When the pilot made FP level, he'd go out and buy drones from a trade station (or try to), come home, load up on new products to sell (drones) and go out, sell the whole load (including the ones he bought for himself) and then try going out again to buy more drones for himself. Poor guy, I felt sorry for him. He was very confused... :o

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Post by jumbled » Fri, 25. Aug 06, 10:34

By the way, do we only need to update the main CAG script, or have the libraries and other files been updated as well?

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Post by Donsja » Sun, 27. Aug 06, 23:12

sorry if this is spam, since i posted this on the other topic. But thought it would be better to post it here, as its the main topic about CA

i seem to have a problem with it. After some time some of my CA is not doing anything just on standby on there homebase. I got cr in my account, and the station got about 20mill too. The base needs energy cells and i set it to buy at max 12cr and there theres a even a powerplant that sells it at 12cr

so whats wrong?

they are also the highest rank, so they should be able to take care of it.
Even if i set the buy price to 20cr they dont do anything.
But this is only happening on one of my complexes. They others works fine...

hmm, when i manual transfer enery to the complex they will sell the wheat, and when theres no more to sell and the base runs out of energy, they will just stay on standby

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Post by Lucike » Sun, 27. Aug 06, 23:36

Copy this file in your t folder and restart the traders.

http://www.lucike.info/x3_reunion/work/ ... t.main.zip

Better you use the BP Version.


Please use the Bonus Pack Version of the CAG.



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