The ultimate guide compilation!

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The ultimate guide compilation!

Post by nilof » Sat, 12. Nov 05, 23:43

So, there are many guides for X3 out by now, and this thread shows most of them.

There is also another guide list ran by TSM and which is currently a sticky, it also lists a lot of guides, I'd say: pick the one you like, the biggest difference is the layout, and the maps.

Now please PM me if you make new guides, that would realy help.
Edit: I have stopped updating this thread, some might be outdated.

To everything:

An exel file by PCcenter about everything, realy useful,If you don't have exel, use this link

X3 guide,Getting started, economics,will replace the manual soon!:o


X3 Players Guide by giskard, if you are new to X3 or consider to buy it, this will be your readmefirst as soon as you get it.

Pixels weapon loadout guide, good, and presented in a funny manner, i won't spoil it by telling here, though i can say i quite liked it :roll:

Also, look at chip's walkthough to mission 1+2 with controls, it is listed in the plot related section.

Getting a good start:

Also, before you ask something, make sure that it is not one of the questions listed here:

Frequently asked questions and their awnsers by me. Also, yonder has added his guide in this thread.


Argonopedia map(without spoilers)very nice. Also, Here's argonopedia's map with spoilers.

Drow's map, first one to get added

If you are looking for good yield asteroids, I have merrrocs exel sheet listed in the buisiness & stations section.

Ship guides:

Remake of Boronshark's ship data.Labels by Sandalpocalypse. Not downloadable, but it is viewable in-browser

Boronshark's original ship data(exel sheet to be downloaded).

Also, try the ships part of PCcenters file, it shows where you can buy every single buyable ship.(PDF)

for the stats.

Wondering about the stats of every weapon?

Here's the numbers of every single weapon.and for the missiles, look here.

wondering where you can find all those weapons?
Look at klaatu's spreadsheet, it is listed in the buisness& stations section.

For the looks:
Slade Xs list of pictures of almost all ships in the game, great work, far less lazy then me :P

Buisness & stations:

Tsar's guide to profits, one word: GREAT :o

A Supply and Demand Trade Chart by Strataholic

A spreadsheet in OOo format that covers all products being produced in each sector by the 5 races,
along with a list of what is traded in the trading station/EQD in every sector. Credits to klaatu.

FyreByrd's trade MK3/ST/UT (lots of names on a single upgrade :P) guide

Giskards economy and loop/complex guide, and; wow!

Giskard's trading networks

X3: Complex’s and Consumption: Understanding the requirements by storm666

Merroc's profit calulator for complexes.

Ever wanted to tie a rope round a station and move it so that you can connect it to a complex 30km away?Possible with the tractor beam in patch 1.4, and Here's a complete guide by RavenIII to use it :)

If you can't find the stations, try this,
a complete factories for sale list.

If you have trouble finding good yield roids, try this:
Merroc has made an exel sheet with all asteroids in the game, though it's pretty much of a spoiler.


Krusade's X3 combat guide on his own site

Guide to corvette...combat by RavenIIIandeveryone inputting their tips.

The X3 capturing guide made by The Cuban Nightmare

Plot related:
Giskards plot guide. Now, this not exactly a walkthrough, though it contains maaive spoilers and guides to complete more missions, it won't tell you where all the sectors are ECT, and it won't tell you word by word how to complete each mission. Recommanded for those who have problems with one mission and need help only on that one, since it is easy to scroll through to the mission you are currently on.

Chips walkthrough to mission 1+2

Complete walkthrough to X3 by simon moon.

Alevel17's Walkthrough to X3 on gamefaqs.

plot related, those are spoilers though.

Helpful sites:

Respawn , this one's realy nice.

Krusade's X3 pages.


This link if you want to search for threads, and cant find what you are searching for at the search page

Useful or fun downloads:

Lordsuch X3 sector planner

This mod takes 'em back in, hurray!

Cheat scripts:
LV.s cheat scripts

General hints & tips.

-You CAN buy every fab in the game, except for Shipyards. There are also some unique stations, like the Boron Research Station that are not buildable.

-When hiring a TL for station deployment, all commands have to go through its Captain. Simply move within 8km, comm the ship and ask to speak to the captain.

-To switch ships, you either need to eject and fly to the other ship in your spacesuit while in space,
have both ships at the same station and use the command "change ship" in the station menu, or be within 5km and use the Goner Transporter device.

-Combat in a sector when you are not present is called Out Of Sector Combat, or OOS. The game does not render any sector except for the one you are in,
which means ALL OOS combat is handled mathematically by the game. So M5s are almost useless then when fighting,
since they can't dodge the shots. They can still be used for distracting the enemy however.
To engage the enemy and win, the formula is Guns*shields, but if you are sure the partoling ship can kill all the enmies without losses on your side, you should go for intercept speed, so the enemy ships get destroyed before they attack your belongings.

-To collect bounties when killing pirates, khaak, and xenon, a few conditions must be met. First, you need to purchase a Police License from a given race's Trading Station.
Second, you must be in a sector owned by a race to collect the bounty (so hunting in Unknown or pirate controlled areas will net you nothing).
Third, you can lose your police licence if you attack a ship belonging to the race you have the police licence on.

-Scanning is illegal unless you have a police licence for the sector you are in. However, if those conditions are met, you can scan ships for illegal goods.
If they do carry some, you can shoot at it without fearing to lose reputation or your police licence, instead, you get paid for it.

-Registering your game can be useful, since there are no downsides and you need to register if you want to post in the tech support forum.

More on the Official Egosoft FAQ page, surprisingly good.

Tips & Tricks on this forum:

Searching for members on this forum:

Managed to work it out,
type ... profile&u=

In your browser and add the name of the person you are searching for, like this: ... le&u=nilof


A glossary to this forum and X3.

Again Please PM me when you make of find guides so i can edit them in.

By the way, my X2 guide compilation is here.
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Post by Apocholypse » Sun, 13. Nov 05, 00:09

Sounds good idea

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Post by nilof » Sun, 13. Nov 05, 00:37

So, what do you think about my thread?
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Post by bladesofdeath » Sun, 13. Nov 05, 12:05

Brilliant guide, well done. That map must had taken you a while though.

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Post by Yellowman » Sun, 13. Nov 05, 12:23

Cheats are like #%&^#&%(@%^&#^(@%@#&*%^(

But the rest is very very good and usefull thank u :)

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Post by nilof » Sun, 13. Nov 05, 13:56

Yellowman wrote:Cheats are like #%&^#&%(@%^&#^(@%@#&*%^(

I use it to spawn enemy destroyers in the core sectors, khakk attacks on argon prime are fun! :twisted:

Do you consider that cheating?


I did not make that map, Tinky submitted it.

Anyway, I might make another one that excludes the unknown sectors.
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Post by Flashfire » Sun, 13. Nov 05, 14:22

Thou shalt maintain thine airspeed... lest the ground come up and smite thee.

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Post by nilof » Sun, 13. Nov 05, 14:29

Okay, i'l put spoilers here.
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Post by Tinky » Sun, 13. Nov 05, 14:49

Please don't credit me for the map. I already have most of these threads bookmarked and spotted it a while ago. As is written in the bottom right corner of the map Drow did it and hats of to him as it is excellent. Also this thread is great too, thanks for the work.

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Post by pccenter » Tue, 15. Nov 05, 17:14

I hope you find usefull the file i made :wink:

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Post by nilof » Sat, 26. Nov 05, 11:28

Here's the stats of every single weapon.

Weapon/Energy per shot/shots per min/Shield DPS(DPS= dmg per sec)/Hull DPS/energy used per min

AIRE 8 408 408 61 3264
BIRE 10 333 683 94 3330

APAC 17 382 4011 477 6494
BPAC 22 314 6044 748 6908

AHEPT 42 283 9409 1566 11886
BHEPT 66 212 14840 2473 13992

APPC 345 89 14406 4205 30705
BPPC 353 76 20503 5586 26828
GPPC 288 89 46404 8410 25632

MD 1ammo 741 0 247 741ammo(3,7 crates)

APBE 6 1277 12068 468 7662
BPBE 14 1154 18175 673 16156

APSG 15 223 546 52 3345
BPSG 69 110 779 40 7590
GPSG 449 86 2861 152 38614

AFlak 600 56 9702 1575 33600
BFlak 750 56 16170 2333 42000

IonD 78 127 3334 0 9906

AKyon 150 200 1333 1166 30000(khakk)
BKyon 300 120 3600 3000 36000(khakk)
GKyon 500 86 6450 3225 43000(khakk)

Please don't credit me for this, got it from a friend that plays X3.

The data is free for anyone to use as they wish.

EDIT: Here's another weapon table from spcutler(exel sheet) You might prefer that one.
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Great! Missiles are weapons too!!!

Post by rhohltjr » Mon, 28. Nov 05, 16:12

nilof wrote:Here's the stats of every single weapon.

Weapon/Energy/ROF per min/Shield DPS/Hull DPS

AIRE 8 408 408 61
BIRE 10 333 683 94


AKE 150 200 1333 1166 (Khaak)
BKE 300 120 3600 3000 (Khaak)
GKE 500 86 6450 3225 (Khaak)

Did you unpack an .cat file to find this out? :?
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Post by nilof » Wed, 7. Dec 05, 16:42

Added a general hints and tricks section.

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Post by Apocholypse » Wed, 7. Dec 05, 16:48

will remplace the manual soon

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Post by karvala » Wed, 7. Dec 05, 16:49

Good job. :) Perhaps this should be stickied.


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