Shivan guide to mass cap in a M6 Nemesis (The Best 1st M6)

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Shivan guide to mass cap in a M6 Nemesis (The Best 1st M6)

Post by Shivan[SpS] » Wed, 24. Aug 05, 22:40

I find this has more profitable that even Mobile Mining...
You can Cap from 10-20 Xenon M3, M4 for every sector, and a about 30-40 in the sectors of the solar power plants (if you dont already destroyed then..)
This also will be soon to be test in a Khaak sector.

Because the high numer of fighter you can cap in the xenons sector and the millon as you can make, the Nemesis is by far the best first M6. And the best M6 por cap everything in game.

How lets talk about the equipment and money needed here:
-M6 Nemesis: 8.479.448
-1xGPSG: 825.411
-2xBPSG: 817.895
-1x125MW shield: 833.834
Total: 10.956.588

Now, all of that is needed, also sum a few more credits that will cost you the Speed urgrade. You will only need the speed upgrade and the figh comand sof mk1 and 2. But has your ship fell free to full equip em.

Also, you may carry a few hornets, this may be needed to destroy estation and M1 fast before the fighters cach you :P

How lets get started, First, go to a Xenon Sector of preference.

1) Destroy all M2.

2) Fire a few shoots to the Stations and M1 carriers, this will make then to scramble and starting to launch fighters...

That is the basic... now all fighters always going to follow you... Never fire on your caps, run away of the M1s, that too easy in the Nemesis... Be aware that yours FPS will drop alot... When I doed my fps droped from 30-40 to 5-7...

3) Now, when you see there are enoght fighters fliyng, come back, destroy the M1s and Stations... (use hornets this has to make fast).


4) Now, equip your turrets which the BPSG and the main which GPSG... and set "attack all enemys" no gunnery crew are needed...

Now, let then close to you... when you se the rear turrets firing at the enemy turn araund, shot the main to that great formation of fighters until energy is depleted, and turn again, NEVER try to cross thorgh them.

5) Now let that yours turrets fire, wait until a few energy of the main is recharge and the reat turrets stop firing and do the same again and again...

-Always look you radar, when you see that any of then is bailed, manuver the M6 to get the out of turrets fire... to the right or left, because the turrets of the Nemy only can fire up to down the turrets dont going to see enemys and stop firing... always go to full speed... the cap will get out of blast are very soon... I never kill a cap M3 or M4 on the nemy... this is the moment to order then to go and dock which something.

-The only thing that is hardy to cap by this way are the M5s... but that dont give you much money so... The M4 flying going to bail first... afer that the M3s, the M5s will getting destroyed very soon.
If you whan to cap M5 you will need APSG on the rear and front.

Good Caping 8) 8)

ahh, why the time you will get this and more. In a Normal Xenon Sector.


If you prefer, itead of hit and run every M1 and Station in a Xenon Sector, You may hit one in one, this will be slower than scramble all M1 and Station at the same time, but, this will help you in the FPS problem.
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Shivan Guide for Mass Cap in a M6 Nemesis. ... 04#1092404

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Post by holo_doctor » Wed, 24. Aug 05, 23:31

Ive done things similer isn APSG eqiped Zues (except back tturrent so i dont blow my caps up while they dock)

PSGs are good capping tools bring down the shields quick then lightly tap the hull and becuse of there area affect nature its not uncommon to get 3 or 4 ships to bail in a few waves.

The thing is though that they do tend to be blow up by the other angry xenon as they try to make there escape to the nerest gate, you wana cap alot of fighters though thats not hard. I cleard out all the xenone sectors ecept the shipyard in 472. parked my Zues equiped with BPSG (APsg let to many though) and sat at the exit of the shipyard. Caps flooded though and had a full hanger of Ms and L (then accasional N) in about an hour or so, I might try this in the Collosus with APSGs next time but i dont thik they have the range like BPSG to be able to use 3 turrents on a ship that size.

I sugest ussing sector north of getsu as the other sector with SPP goes though a second xenon sector and your ships aint gona live to long unless you clear it out first

HOpe this give you some more ideas on mass capping
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Post by Shivan[SpS] » Thu, 25. Aug 05, 01:09

The Xenons dont going to kill your caps, because their all are attaking you...

The only way that your cap get killed, is you take too much distance, or other fighters are still flying where you beging... And Yes, I also tryied before cap in M1 and M2, the result is a lot cap get killed by you own PSG..., But The Colossus is still the best to go to a khaak sector and cap...

remember this... Fighter attaking you, dont going under any circustances attack any other ship than you.

In Khaak sector, the problem is when new fighter jump in near you... their going to attack the near enemy has their have... (the 99% of the time is any cap trying to dock.)
Shivan Guide for Mass Cap in a M6 Nemesis. ... 04#1092404

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Post by Tiedyeguy » Sat, 26. Nov 05, 09:30

The Neme is Paranid right? They don't like me very much :p Any other suggestions for an M6 to buy?

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Post by Splinkio » Sat, 26. Nov 05, 17:28

I used to love the split dragon in x2 - in x3 its well slow now - not going to buy one this time around.

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Post by Mikes78 » Sat, 26. Nov 05, 18:26

it is the fastest M6 in X3 and faster than some M3s.... ;)

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