Please help me get started

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Please help me get started

Post by malsanity » Sat, 7. Dec 19, 10:48

I played some X3 a few years ago, and recently I've put a couple dozen hours in x4. Great potential, but it feels... Hollow.

I would like to give X3 another go, but I'm here to ask for a mod pack or mod list for the best possible start. I've searched through the forums, but there are simply too many to choose from.

At first, I'd like to go with just basic stuff, so I'd need graphic enhancers, UI improvements, story/tutorials, stuff like that. Something simple, without adding too much content to feel overwhelmed; just need a bunch of mods to improve the first hours, as I can add more later.

With this said: TC, AP, or LU?

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Re: Please help me get started

Post by Hector0x » Sat, 7. Dec 19, 11:27

I'd recommend either
- AP as base (bigger UI-map and better off map combat calculations than TC)
- the Bounce script (prevents collisions and is pretty much the only must have in my opinion)

This is a solid foundation which keeps the original feeling and you can expand it with mods like "TC plots in AP".


- unmodified LU

For performance this is the best X3 version available. But it changes stuff. There are no story missions. Combat feels different with low firing rates. And you can only achieve so much with your personal ship. The mod is balanced around eventually commanding other ships and building your own production lines. If you don't like this, option 1) would be the better choice. Another thing to consider is that you should only use mods which are compatible with LU. Think of this like something close to an updated X 3.5 game engine. I've played other mod packs like XRM or XTC in the past, but i'm not willing to go back to them anymore. Even considering that most of them are also very good. And if you're really into the empire building part, in the end you will be stuck in LU's Mayhem-mod like me :lol:

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Re: Please help me get started

Post by Joubarbe » Sat, 7. Dec 19, 12:49

Translation: play Mayhem.

My opinion is not biased at all.

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