[X3TC][Question] Disappearing ship after scene alteration

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[X3TC][Question] Disappearing ship after scene alteration

Post by Dracrow92 » Sat, 14. Sep 19, 23:28

Hello there :)
I'm wondering if someone on the forum is still alive to give me a hint about what's going on.
I downloaded the Cadius's beautiful ship and station pack, but eventually started modifying ship scenes and turrets for my own purposes.
The one i'm talking about is the TL mobile mining ship, which looks an awesome "osaka but M0" sort of ship, if that wasn't from the huge box of cargo in front of it.
So, opened the x3 editor 2, copied the scene somewhere else, edited that to remove the box model(fortunately it was a separate model piece) replacing it with an extra ts/tp port and then... the ship model won't show in game.
What 'm doing wrong?

Ps. thanks for the assistance

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Re: [X3TC][Question] Disappearing ship after scene alteration

Post by Herman2000 » Tue, 17. Sep 19, 23:54

It might help to get a better idea of the exact alteration you performed. One thing that may throw things off is if the parts-count (P 0, P 1, P 2, etc. at the beginning of each parts-entry) is out of whack. Another thing could be you are loading a savegame where the ship was visible before you altered the scene file. In such a case, jumping out and back into the sector may resolve it.
Is the ship invisible in Galaxy Editor, too?

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Re: [X3TC][Question] Disappearing ship after scene alteration

Post by XenonArchitect7 » Fri, 22. Nov 19, 21:56

Did you change the file path location of the scene file, or any of the bob files referenced in the scene itself? Make sure that the "model" path in TShips is correct. If the ship is completely invisible, it means the game can't find the scene file, most likely due to an incorrect path string.

If the ship is invisible, but all the turrets and engines are rendering in-game, it means the scene file is being loaded correctly but the path to the bob files for the ship model is wrong within the scene.

When you say that you replaced the old scene object with a dockport, could you paste the exact scene line entry here? It could be a syntax error like an unclosed () preventing the rest of the scene from loading. And did you do all this with DBOX2 or with a text editor?

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