Black boxes around stars/suns fix (IEX version)

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Black boxes around stars/suns fix (IEX version)

Post by TechSY730 » Sat, 4. Feb 17, 22:37

If you are having issues with black boxes around stars/suns in certain sectors (especially on Linux), I have made a fix.

Basically, I have swapped out the lens flare effects that have the glitch with ones without it, trying to keep them as similar as possible to the originals.

This was generated off of AP IEX's TSuns.txt. This may work in TC or without IEX, but I have not tested it.

If demand is high, I may release a non IEX version too.

Let me know if I have missed any; I haven't gone to each and every last sector to check.

This patch would not of been possible without a similar patch for Linux made for Litcube's universe (The linux patch that my patch was inspired by is at the bottom of the page)

If your save was in a sector that has the glitch, you will need to leave and renter the sector for the fix to apply

Download link: ... 0lTVnFtYWc

Save the file in
For TC: types/
For AP: addon/types/

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Re: Black boxes around stars/suns fix (IEX version)

Post by wasted90 » Sat, 21. Dec 19, 02:51

Thanks for this!
if i spot any glitching sun i'll let you know

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