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Post by Daemonjax » Sun, 1. Jun 14, 06:11

Cool mod.

Just a heads up:

The conversations.xml file included for XRM is for AP. If used with TC it will break stuff... I noticed when my terran plots broke.

Thanks for including a diff file, though, so we can edit the file ourself. I'll throw one up on dropbox once I make the changes myself and link it here.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/327 ... e-0.95b.7z

^ original xrm tc conversation file is in there, too.

Edit 1: Upon closer inspection, XRM for TC doesn't modify the conversations.xml file, and so the version I linked above is equivalent (confirmed with winmerge) to your conversations_TC.xml file which was included.

Edit 2: The line "if $systemPopupEnabled == [TRUE] AND $argInitialise == [FALSE]" in the setup script appears to be broken because I get the notification popup on each savegame load. I checked and think the issue is related to $argInitialise check, but I think the issue is just a cosmetic one so I just commented the lines for the popup:

* if $systemPopupEnabled == [TRUE] AND $argInitialise == [FALSE]
* $text = '[author]G.O.D.[/author]' + $gTitle
* send incoming message $text to player: display it=1
* end

TLDR: If you're using XRM for TC, then don't use the included conversations.xml for XRM; use the TC one or merge your own.

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Post by Shush » Tue, 3. Jun 14, 03:35

Daemonjax wrote:Cool mod.
Daemonjax wrote:The conversations.xml file included for XRM is for AP. If used with TC it will break stuff... I noticed when my terran plots broke.
Thanks for spotting that, I'll modify the instructions in the installer and readme files to make a note of this.
Daemonjax wrote:Edit 2: The line "if $systemPopupEnabled == [TRUE] AND $argInitialise == [FALSE]" in the setup script appears to be broken because I get the notification popup on each savegame load.
This used to work, i.e. it will always show the popup message at least once, (at the start of a new game), but from then on not show it again if $systemPopupEnabled is set to [FALSE] in LIFE's configuration. I may have inadvertently snafu'ed it, I'll check it out and fix it if needed for the next version, thanks again.

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Post by Hamburglar » Tue, 17. Jun 14, 09:26

Love this mod! Adds a lot of much needed spice.

Quick question:

Do the shockwave explosions destroy floating wares within their range?

Also, how does the bounty system work? Normally there's nothing in the bounties section of the news, but when it does show something it's when a bounty has been claimed/killed, not available ones.

Thanks and great job!

Sgt Doom
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Post by Sgt Doom » Sun, 22. Jun 14, 19:01

What option in the installer should I choose if i'm running XRM with TC plots for AP? Or would I need to tweak things manually?

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Post by Teleth » Thu, 26. Jun 14, 16:37

Great mod, though a little noisy in XRM warzones.

I made my own small edit to how ship naming works because I felt I didn't need to see every kill on every ship, so I reduced it to show only ships levels which had surpassed level zero.
I posted it here for anyone else wanting to reduce clutter but know when a ship is level badass.

0.95b ONLY (note I do not know what side effects my edit may have):

Consider adding an option to change what is shown on the ships name.
For options maybe:

1. Ship name: K1 L0 (default appears when ship gets a kill)
2. Ship name: L1 (level appears when ship gets to level 1)
3. Ship name: L3 K255 (display level when level 1, kills appear when level gets to 3 or more)
4. Ship name: Green/Veteran/Elite/Captain (level up rank instead of numeric)

I'm sure you already have plenty to do though, it's just a minor aesthetic for me. Thanks for the excellent mod.

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Post by Viliae » Thu, 26. Jun 14, 21:42

Shush if you consider Teleth idea about name changing as possible and applicable, then consider this idea further and use ASCII Art for the same purpose:

Code: Select all

Marynarka Wojenna Federalnych Sił Zbrojmych (Niemcy) - die Bundeswehr Marine (ASCII Art)

	 01. Marynarz											MATROSE												→
	 02. Starszy Marynarz									GEFREITER											/→
	 03. Starszy Marynarz (Mat) 							GEFREITER(MAATANWÄRTER)								│/→
	 04. Starszy Marynarz (Bosman)							GEFREITER(BOOTSMANNANWÄRTER)						││/→
	 05. Starszy Marynarz (Bosmanmat)						GEFREITER(OFFIZIERANWÄRTER)							*/
	 06. Kapral												OBERGEFREITER										//→
	 07. Starszy Kapral										HAUPTGEFREITER										///→
	 08. Kapral Sztabowy									STABSGEFREITER										/ ///→
	 09. Starszy Kapral Sztabowy							OBERSTABSGEFREITER									// ///→

 - Podofocerowie Młodsi	(bez pasowania)				 - UNTEROFFIZIERE OHNE PORTEPEE 
	 01. Mat												MAAT												<→>
	 02. Mat (Bosman)										MAAT(BOOTSMANNANWÄRTER)								││<→>
	 03. Aspirant											SEEKADETT											<*>
	 04. Starszy Mat										OBERMAAT											<<→>
 - Podoficerowie Starsi (pasowanii)					- UNTEROFFIZIERE MIT PORTEPEE
	 05. Bosman												BOOTSMANN											→<
	 06. Chorąży Marynarki									FÄHNRICH ZUR SEE									*<
	 07. Starszy Bosman										OBERBOOTSMANN										→<<
	 08. Bosmanmat											HAUPTBOOTSMANN										→◊<
	 09. Starzy Chorąży Marynarki							OBERFÄHNRICH ZUR SEE								*│
	 10. Bosman Sztabowy									STABSBOOTSMANN										→◊<<
	 11. Starszy Bosman Sztabowy							OBERSTABSBOOTSMANN									→◊<<<
 - Porucznicy											 - LEUTNANTE
	 01. Podporucznik Marynarki								LEUTNANT ZUR SEE									*▌
	 02. Porucznik Marynarki								OBERLEUTNANT ZUR SEE								*▌▌
 - Kapitanowie											 - HAUPTLEUTE	
	 03. Kapitan Porucznik									KAPITÄNLEUTNANT										*▌│▌
	 04. Kapitan Sztabowy Porucznik							STABSKAPITÄNLEUTNANT								*▌││▌
 - Oficerowie Sztabowi									 - STABSOFFIZIERE		
	 05. Kapitan Korwety									KORVETTENKAPITÄN									*▌▌▌
	 06. Kapitan Fregaty									FREGATTENKAPITÄN									*▌│▌▌
	 07. Kapitan Marynarki									KAPITÄN ZUR SEE										*▌▌▌▌
 - Admirałowie (Oficerowie Flagowi)						 - ADMIRALE (FLAGGOFFIZIERE)
	 08. Kontradmirał										FLOTTILLENADMIRAL									*│█
	 09. Wiceadmirał										KONTERADMIRAL										*▌█
	 10. Admirał Floty										VIZEADMIRAL											*▌▌█
	 11. Admirał											ADMIRAL												*▌▌▌█
I've got ASCII art for other then deutsche armies to and I will post link for archive later.

EDIT: As promised here is the link for ASCII art:
https://www.mediafire.com/folder/1restv ... v1x/shared
all files are texts and identically formated:
First row: Navy ranks in Polish (my native language,
Second row: Original names of the Navy ranks (for country).
Third row: ASCII representation of real emblem.

It will be nice to see them in game. :D

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Post by Nicoman35 » Sat, 28. Jun 14, 10:46

Hi Shush,
I am currently playing my game with your mod. And I like it very much. :)

I have two things:
1. I recently had a freeze, and I strongly assume that there is an incompatibility with NPC Bailing Addon. I do not know exactly, but since I removed NPC Bailing Addon, I did not have another freeze yet.

2. I was far away from the sector center (700 km) with my M2 Valhalla. At a distance of about 4 km a Khaak station, which I destroyed.
After the detonation shaking, I found myself only about 80 km from the sector center! The blow off pusched my ship about 620 km away!!
This is not intended, right?

I'm playing with default options, not changing anything in the settings menu.

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Post by gastovski » Tue, 22. Jul 14, 09:49

Is there any chance to play this with Litcube?. That would be legendary i tell ya.

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Post by Informer » Wed, 13. Aug 14, 01:38

gastovski wrote:Is there any chance to play this with Litcube?. That would be legendary i tell ya.
+1 yeah, that would be just great. :D

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Post by Centurion2008 » Sat, 16. Aug 14, 00:51


Took a break for a bit, great to see you still working on this mod, Love the race rep feature! was wondering if you plan on adding Yaki to the list.

This Mod is just a must have !! (enough said)


X3ap 20140815 141.m4v
(right-click and “save file” to download)

video/mp4 - 524.36 MB
31 days until expiration


Some 1080p action with life, small amount of lag in large fights due to recording. enjoy
all video settings set to max

**edit ahh Found Yaki Rep at there exchange nevermind Thank You!!
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Post by Anubitus » Sun, 17. Aug 14, 14:04


i love the idea of this mod.. question tho, since it was based on the GNS system from the XTC mod team, i was wondering if it was compatible with XTC..

i have a heavly modded XTC install atm..

i have noticed that both the 9500-L044.xml and the conversations.xml are both present with both mods and have a different size.. i have also noticed that both files have different entries for the same text-ID's, so my guess is that they are not compatible and to make them so it would require more then just a merge..

could you make a compatible version..? or if you tell me how to do it, i can do it for you when i have the time..

i am guessing that i would have to renumber some text-ID's and change the numbers in the scripts or something, but wich scripts to change and how to change them is hard for me, i am not a scripter..

i have installed the mod on top of my XTC install whitout the 9500-L044.xml and conversations.xml files and it seems to work fine, with the obvious text file errors ofc (the menu is not usable due to them).. this is very cool indeed..



EDIT 22/08/2014: I guess they are not realy compattible.. every now and then the whole sector just vaporises.. just like that with no warning.. :p looking into the circomstances now, as to what might be causing this.. :) i will let you know when i find something out..

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Post by PDouma39 » Thu, 4. Sep 14, 15:32

@ Shush Just wondering how things are going, are you still working on this mod?
Last week I took the time to try out the Ency-mod, with LIFE this works great too.


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Post by LeonardDeVir » Mon, 8. Sep 14, 04:43

Dear OP or another helpful soul;

Im one of the rare persons who use the XRM version of the "TC plots in AP" mod (despite people saying otherwise, it works totally fine so far). Unfortunately, Im toasted with the conversations.xml, I have no idea what parts I should copypasta from the XRM and TCAP xml files.

May I ask if someone with knowledge would be so kind to create a compatibility patch for me, if it isnt too much work? Id be eternally grateful :)

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Post by PDouma39 » Mon, 8. Sep 14, 10:17

My best quess is you could copy and paste the TC-AP one(the one from the t-files of LIFE) to the t-files section of the game you are using for XRM and TC-AP, and rename that one to conversations(.xml).
To be sure before doing that reserve a copy of the original conversations.xml allready in your game, if one exist allready.
Then try it out and see if you still can com some missions npc's.
This is just a try-out, because there is only a xrm conversations.xml and a tc-ap conversations.xml, not of both. A combination of those should indeed be made if possible, therefore I suggested my best guess the one for TC-AP.

Hope this works for you.
Awareness in life is rewarded by many

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Post by LeonardDeVir » Mon, 8. Sep 14, 17:27

Thanks :)

I compared the TC-AP and the XRM xmls and noticed thet the TC-AP one is much bigger (which makes sense).

I guess the only thing I need to do is copypasta altered/new lines from XRM.xml to TC-AP.xml, therefore creating a merged xml variant. Problem is, those files have thousands of lines of text and there are very minor format edits, so Im completely lost where to search, even comparing the files would take ages. And I have no idea if this actually works or if I need to place specific lines in exact order.

I wish there was a function to compare text in Notepad+ :/

Ill try your advice, thanks. But I fear Ill lose the XRM edits.

Edit: I have an idea. Shusch brilliantly provided a blankt xml which can be inserted in any conversation.xml. I just realised that I already have an conversation.xml with both merged TC-AP and XRM stuff, otherwise nothing would work as I use both mods!

Ill try to use the text from insert.xml to create a "TC-plots-in-AP+XRM+LIFE-converation.xml" (nicknamed Frankie, the roughly sewn together monster xml) and report back if it works. If I dont report back, call the MiB, something bad happened.

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