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Post by salleonis » Sat, 21. Sep 13, 19:06

With dillpickle correction

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<check_value value="{object.distance.km@MDTutorial_TopLevel.TutorialShip1}" max="5" />
and Ketraar

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<cue_is_complete cue="MDTutorial_TopLevel"/> 
working properly.Thank you people. :)

Aven Valkyr
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Post by Aven Valkyr » Mon, 9. Mar 15, 01:25

Ketraar I hope you are still monitoring this post as I have a question to ask about library files within the x3 TC MD. I would like to call a library file within the cue of another file. Basically when a check value passes within the cue the library is called for. I've played with the <cue ref=""/> but there is no way to control what happens. It just reads the tag of the cue itself, does everything within the library file, then continues down into the cue own conditions and actions. I have tried to disable this cue from a parent cue by giving the cue a name and then using that name within the parent cue to cancel the actions of it. for example:

<cue name="this" ref="something"/>

I've tried:
<cue_exists cue="this">
<cancel_cue cue="this">
<cue ref="something" name="this"/>

And that doesn't stop the cue from running. I just don't know what to do. How do you call a library and have the ability to safely use it within a do_all function?

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