[SCR] [X3:TC/AP] [v1.9.8.12] [03/23/14] Galaxy Explorer

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Re: [SCR] [X3:TC/AP] [v1.9.8.12] [03/23/14] Galaxy Explorer

Post by Anghus » Wed, 26. Dec 18, 18:56

Thank you gnasirator. There is nothing at all under Additional Ship Commands. I think I am going to uninstall the game entirely and try again with AP instead of TC. If that doesn't work I'll just explore manually. Thanks for all your contributions to the game!

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Re: [SCR] [X3:TC/AP] [v1.9.8.12] [03/23/14] Galaxy Explorer

Post by gnasirator » Sat, 5. Jan 19, 05:07

okay and make sure to find & buy the exploration command software or however it was called.
I think it's part of the vanilla game if I remember correctly ...

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