X-Tended -Terran Conflict V2.2 Released. [06/09/2013] (X3:AP prototype available)

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Post by Epicus » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 19:02

This looks amazing, cant wait to get back to my house to download...

Just a quick question: Does the mod have any missions at all? Or is it just a big open sandbox?

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Post by Axeface » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 19:04

mr.WHO wrote: Edit: I confirm that "Signal Boost" script (that exend comm, transporter device and some others range) works with XTC.
Have you checked the new features that might be effected by this though? Such as Reveal Objects (M5's), or Mass Pickup Crates.
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Post by ezra-r » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 19:16

well, I started reading the new "features" and suddenly felt this "shaky" feeling.

No wonder it took so long.

Amazing number of stuff added.

A big thanks is in order!! Time to re-install x3tc!
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Post by Shuulo » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 19:17

Is it OK that "Paranid high security Transporter" has a Medusa model?

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Post by Aydan » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 19:19

Yes ;)

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Post by reiks » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 19:22

Went out earlier this day, wasn't expecting it out today but I now know I was wrong.

Downloading and will be seeding till I reach ratio 10.0 or up (that's my universal seed limit before utorrent automatically delete's the .torrent file)

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Post by pja » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 19:28

thats made my day, well done chaps, downloading via torrent now, will leave it seeding for a while.

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Post by mr.WHO » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 19:39

OMG, that was most hardly and angry earned 4x1MJ shields ever, not to mention that with Terran Start, I didn't had a rank to buy one :(

No wonder my Rapier was so fragile, when I was using only one 1 MJ shield. Too bad that I can't help with Rapier low laser energy (with only 2 A-EMPC and this thing supose to mount 4 of them).

I don't wanna know how much work I need to do to earn a Sabre (and I don't want to strip Neil Armstrong M7 for money :( , nut something tells my that my sanity will require it).

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Post by costi » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 19:40

I started the Terran start, and a quick question - can I get used to Neil Armstrong or is he just a temporary adition? ;)

Also, I assume that I must find the trigger for XTC plot myself?
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Post by KRM398 » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 19:42

A great day for some exploring, but be careful, I found out the hard way that if you stick your head into a sector where your not allowed, even if you leave at once, they send someone after you. I have 2 teladi corvettes following me around right now, and no matter where I go, no one will kill them for me...lol Makes it hard to find ways to make a few credits..lol.

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Post by Aydan » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 19:42

The terran and paranid starts are using the teasers, which we have released a long time ago, as their base ;)

And if you find the trigger for the Leviathan, you will exactly notice it. No need to hurry ;)

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Post by PinkFloyd » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 19:53

Nice Job guys, downloading now. Wonder how much has changed since I was part of the team before real life got in the way!

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Post by GDI-BOSS » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 19:59

when i start a game my ship dont have ANY equipement..not shields..no seta..lol nothing in my ship
When i eject of my ship terrans come in massive fleet and destroy my ship all times..why?

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Post by rusky » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 20:21

I would just like to throw in another "Thank you!" for all your hard work and commitment. :!:

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Post by herocrafter » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 20:26

Getting my thrusters warmed up w/ the Split start: A new battleground. When choosing starts this is described as difficult but in the config. menu its showing as normal. I take it all starts are started at normal level and its up to the user to make the adjustment in the config. menu?

lovin' it, btw.

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