X-Tended -Terran Conflict V2.2 Released. [06/09/2013] (X3:AP prototype available)

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Post by mr.WHO » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 13:38

Noooooooooooo!!!!... I have to leave my PC for Christmass so I won't be able to test XTC much in next week :(.

At least I'll have Christmass <I'd prefer X-ristmass>

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Post by KRM398 » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 13:38

Well done guys..we'll talk again in about a month or so...lol

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Post by Mad_CatMk2 » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 14:32


Congratulations on the release!

Anxiously going to download the mod...

BRB opening champagne. :lol:
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Post by Retiredman » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 14:34

Don't have torrent ,,
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Post by Technojerk36 » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 14:36


Congrats to the team for making such an awesome mod :D
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Post by Alex Vanderbilt » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 14:57

I always read "awesome", "great" and "wow". Has any of you already played the mod yet or is it just rejoice? Get to your computers and start playing! :P And have much fun! ;)


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Post by Xelonir » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 14:59

Retiredman wrote:Don't have torrent ,,
I recommend µTorrent for a small and easy to use tool (freeware). :wink:

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Post by Cadius » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 15:06

That list.. its.. it's beautiful..

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Post by dragondream » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 15:09

I'm getting an asthma attack and I don't even have asthma. :o

I am getting this TODAY.

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Post by Lordaeron » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 15:11

Download is 719MB and it took 18 minutes by Torrent.

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Post by Sorkvild » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 15:28

Alex Vanderbilt wrote:I always read "awesome", "great" and "wow". Has any of you already played the mod yet or is it just rejoice? Get to your computers and start playing! :P And have much fun! ;)

I did. Took a quick glance on each profile, started up some fight with the police. I don't know where to go first ;)
I'll start playing for real after I'm done with my tasks for today. First glance - amazing and totally new game. I was really bored with the same old ways, the same routines and lack of random factors in TC. this is gonna be a different twist and an experience.

Can I safely install another GUI than the one that already comes with XTC ?
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Post by DrSysAdmin » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 15:47

Sorkvild - basically the XTC team cannot guarantee compatibility with things that change the game. What will likely happen is the mods people like that are out now will likely be reworked to be compatible with XTC.

You can try it and see, but if it screws up, drop the additional mod.

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Post by Aydan » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 15:48

The icons are remapped, that won't work. You'd need a GUI with it's own icondata and so on.

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Post by Nova Scotia » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 16:19

Thanks a lot for the Christmas present.I wont be able to download till the new year .reached my data plan limit :( but looking forward to reading all the great up coming revues

Have a great holidays all

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Post by mr.WHO » Mon, 20. Dec 10, 16:39

Just for notice:
Cheat scripts package works fine (couldn't resist spawning ships for fun).

Does weapons sounds are finished, or they will get some change? Coz about 30% of weapons sounds like some lame 70s Sci-fi drama weapons sounds or toy pistol sounds.

Old Cmod and XTM sounds are OK, but other ones are, well, shooting frigate weapon and hearing peeew, peeew isn't just right :(

Does OTAS Castrum is able to dock only Corvettes? Coz I tried to dock with my M5 and got constant "landing denied" message.

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