[MD] Extended Horizons. New Sectors add-on. (Compatability Update 4 Mar)

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Post by Argonaught. » Tue, 17. May 11, 22:59

Cool, will give it a whirl then. :)

Thanks InvrSmall.

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Post by Grid » Tue, 7. Jun 11, 23:41

i think i notice somthing intresting i deceide to recrate the gate network in the systrmos so that it contaned only 4 gate a system didnt really like the 6 gates but when using the scritp edditor to delete and readd gates it seems to fix the right and left movement on the universe map donno if this is useful to you tho

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Post by InvrSmall » Thu, 9. Jun 11, 17:28

That's good to know. I spent ages trying to figure out why the map was swapping the left/right movements.

Cheers! :D
Extended Horizons. Adds 15 new sectors to explore and to make a home in for your empire. Works with your existing Game save and does not require a new start.
Wing combat commands: Attack Fighters and Attack Capships. Adds the two commands to the Wing Combat menu.

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Post by Automatic Jack » Fri, 12. Aug 11, 09:09

I can't seem to find the gate.
I received the message, went to the second Unknown Sector past Unholy Descent, found the Terran nav sat and flew down to 0,0,-70 and then beyond and all around but I haven't found a thing. Set a scout to map sector at 200km but still nothing.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Edit: I'm an idiot and totally got my coordinates mixed up.

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Post by LordDeTracy » Thu, 18. Aug 11, 01:15

Will this be updated? it makes it so the new steam DLC sector doesnt show up.

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Post by Sippysupcup » Thu, 17. May 12, 22:34

Does anyone know exactly what you have to do to get this to work with albion. Where do you install the nexus map?

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Extended horizons

Post by Deadstoned » Sat, 30. Jun 12, 21:36

InvrSmall, Hi, well i just started using Extended and everything works fine but i also have STOV1.57 installed,i can drop Eq dock or HQ in all normal unknown sectors and claim it, but unfortunatly this is not the case in your extra sectors,i drop a HQ or EQ and nothing happens no notification at the bottom of the screen or even when i put my sector menu up from STO nothing there,could this be becouse STO is only set for the XTC map only or am i missing something, any help from anyone would be great :)

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Post by Kontaro » Mon, 17. Sep 12, 05:37

Any update on AP compatability? Sounds like these sectors are worth finding for my supercomplex

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Post by Peanutcat » Fri, 16. Nov 12, 18:24

For some reason the sectors won't show up on my map. I can navigate to them and I have a few stations but the sectors are invincible on my map and the only way of switching through them is via the property list. Is this an incompatibility between the mods I have installed or is this a bug with the current tc? As I'm too lazt to type in what mods I have I decided to just take a screenshot of the list in the Plugin Manager.


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Post by Deeparth » Fri, 28. Dec 12, 14:55

This is a very lucrative mod. How do I make it compatible with Immersive Environments and IEX?

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Post by zombie-uk » Thu, 28. Feb 13, 02:00

My favorite addition to my X3TC vanilla game and also works sorta with another mod that adds 20+ sectors without overwiriting anything essential

These Sectors are now home to Terran Core sectors
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Post by juskom95 » Fri, 30. Aug 13, 17:47

Kontaro wrote:Any update on AP compatability? Sounds like these sectors are worth finding for my supercomplex
I installed it as a false patch, works fine except that the links on the galaxy map aren't there (not a huge issue)
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Post by Raider480 » Thu, 19. Dec 13, 08:20

With X3AP, I am also missing the visible links between the new sectors on the galaxy map. This is less of an issue than my galaxy map completely missing the new Unknown Sectors added in X3AP though. I can still navigate to, e.g. the Unknown Sector [W] of Clarity's End, but it doesn't show on the map as changing.
The navigator stays where it was previously in a similar manner to what happens when trying to navigate from the UFJD sector.
I should probably mention that I am also using TC Plots for AP (found: http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=324236 here) and a few of those sectors are also suffering the same issue (at first glance, Guiding Star and Cathedral of Xaar).
The flat galaxy RMS/TSOG compatibility fix seems to alleviate this, but Unseen Domain is missing a visible [S] link, and the left/right navigation errors persist.
The mod itself however is of course fantastic, so I'm more than willing to do it like this! :roll: I can't help but feel that the flat galaxy is a little less fun than the multilayer vanilla version though.

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Post by stephen12345 » Mon, 13. Jan 14, 23:54

Hopefully this is OK with InvrSmall, but I believe the file linked at: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8mro2 ... +fixed.xml fixes the issue with swapped right and left directions on the galaxy map.

It should be renamed to Nexus_b29.xml and used to replace the file of the same name in the maps folder. I think it will only work for new games...

I've tested it in the Galaxy Editor and was able to fly through all gates correctly, and had no problems with reversed left and right when scrolling through the sectors on the galaxy map.

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