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Post by sprIder » Sat, 9. Dec 17, 17:50

Hey guys,

i made a new version of Litcubes Revelation, based on the great work of Litcube and the modification of OwnlyMe. This contains an unflat map of the Universe which is also separatly downloadable. The map will also work with the AP version of OwnlyME.
And i changed some script-files. This leads to editable attacks and equipment of the OCV in the t-file.

Code: Select all

*** set difficulty scale ***
*** 1 = easy
*** 2 = medium
*** 3 = heavy
<t id="200">1</t> *** Amount of the OCV ship equipment
<t id="201">1</t> *** Rate of big ships on the OCV invasionfleet
Just change the marked numer in
<t id="200"> 1</t> and
<t id="201">1</t>

with an editor like Notepad++ or the Microsoft Notepad


New Version with unflat map:

unflat map:

As known, these files belongs to the \addon folder.


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Post by Igor.tverd » Thu, 11. Jan 18, 22:57


I installed your modification over the base XRM and I'm getting Unknown Military Null, Unknown Colonists Null mammoths in the Channel, but not in every sector. Maybe I'm missing something? Is the TCAP required, or is the original revelation script needs to be installed before hand? I have neither.

Edit: Nvm, figured it out - because I use the Adv. Universe for XRM some of the Channel sectors were overlapping with "utility" sectors needed for jumpbeacons in Adv. Uni.

I changed gates to TOA in map file and shortened the channel to only 3 sectors. Now it works great for me with XRM, Advanced Univ, Lost Colony (modified for TOAs as well).
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Post by Cormyr » Sun, 1. Apr 18, 21:47

I've got a strange bug using Mythrantar's XRM version. The OCV invades and takes the first sector just fine, but the new Xenon station within this sectors doesn't seem to get any wares. It's basically 0 / 0 / 328 all the time.

Help would be appreciated. :)

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