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Post by xTemon » Mon, 12. Mar 12, 07:07

I don't know how Vanilla friendly the Enhanced Complex Hub is, or anything about it really, but I don't see how an added Cat with some Pics in it, or a pck slightly modified and dropped in the right folder is potentially less vanilla friendly.

I think I tried a few ways to add things without losing Steam achievements, and dropped everything but the pictures at the last, which had the same names as the originals and were I believe loaded into the original Cat file.

If you've had success though, then I guess it works somehow; just not any way I did it. I wasn't trying particularly hard either and gave up without much effort as it wasn't that important for me to have any success at it anyway.

Didn't know you could disable signature verification.. weird.

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Post by kurush » Mon, 12. Mar 12, 07:20

xTemon wrote:Didn't know you could disable signature verification.. weird.
if you are determined enough :lol:

I think there is a fixed list of files where X checks signatures. That includes all scripts, director files, files mentioned in x3files.xml. There might be something else of course.

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