[SCRIPT] [2012.01.21] Automated Satellite Network v2.00

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Post by alex2069 » Thu, 10. Dec 09, 04:32

Currently it will only detect if they're at the 8 points, centre point, or (range / 2) above and below gates.
I have strongly considered adding in something to detect other satellites and reorganise/rename them as I myself had a few littered around, and every time I look at the sector map these "out of place" ones irritate me to no end, lol.
So yes, I think I will get onto implementing something to detect that as well. I've been updating my Universal Locator as of late, but it's at a stable point now so I might do some more on this.

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Post by Relik155 » Thu, 10. Dec 09, 05:45

To much hassle for me to upload a image, it says this though...


Home Sector:null
>Clear Home Sector
Jump Radius:0
Low Credit Threshold:2000000Cr
Minimum Credit Threshold:500000Cr

And thats it, when I click on any of the options it simply flashes back to the orders screen and back again no changes and no activation of any kind. I have redownlaoded and reinstalled the script still same thing, game is fully up-to-date and I am not running any other mods or scripts with this.[/img]

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Post by lLongshanks » Thu, 10. Dec 09, 11:04

This is a really cool script. Iv never bothered with satalites before as they was too much hasstle to keep replacing. Just 1 thing is there anyway to turn the message log spam down?

Scripts I use.

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Post by alex2069 » Thu, 10. Dec 09, 11:28

@Relik155: I really don't know how you could be getting such a problem. It sounds like you've a button stuck down or something and thus the menu just loops or something.
What other scripts do you have installed? Use the Plugin Manager - Advanced > Export Script List.
Maybe there's something weird playing with it or something.

@lLongshanks: You shouldn't be getting that much spam - you should only get it (for memory) when there are no satellites to buy, all sectors completed, or no safe routes. I'll look into adding something to configure the alerts a little more though.

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Post by lLongshanks » Thu, 10. Dec 09, 11:55

I get a message every 15 mins telling me that all satalites are deployed and its going idle for now. I got 4 ships setting up satalites and after 4 hours of seta it takes ages to look through my log file to find lost ships.
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Post by alex2069 » Thu, 10. Dec 09, 13:31

Hmmm... I take it you don't have them set to box + gates over entire universe then?
I've never run it not like that, but I can see how with a smaller area/less sats it could get a bit spammy if it's easier for them to maintain.
I'll could either add an option to turn off messaging or increase the messaging delay. Unless you have a preference I'll do whatever is easier, lol.

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Post by lLongshanks » Thu, 10. Dec 09, 13:44

No I dont satalite the universe. i only map sectors where my trade vessels go. I got no prefrences to what you do its a good script thanks.
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Problem in lue profit

Post by boran_blok » Sun, 27. Dec 09, 12:56

At the moment I have a problem in blue profit.
I have it set to 8 sats with gate illumination.
The default position of sat 1 is apparently too close to the planet surface, I just lost my dicoverer and a sat there.

OOS it can be placed fine, but once I enter the sector it blows up, I lost my discoverer because it tried to place the sat while I was in sector.

Is there a posibility to check for this or add an exception condition ?


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Made a workaround

Post by boran_blok » Mon, 28. Dec 09, 23:29

I made a workaround for blue profit.

ATM I have not yet tested it but I have faith in my solution since I use the same method you used to work around position problems in Earth and the hub.
I have no place to store the XML, I have copied the inserted code below, if you want the XML just send me a message and I'll mail it to you.

Changes in a2069.satnet.get.positions

Code: Select all

032   * BLB: If Blue Profit do a custom positioning to avoid the planet
033   * The height is 4,5k above the ecliptic since most trafic will occur between gates
034   if $arg.sector == Blue Profit
035   |$bp.pos.t1 =  create new array, arguments=8000, 4500, 25000, null, null
036   |$bp.pos.t2 =  create new array, arguments=-12000, 4500, 25000, null, null
037   |$bp.pos.t3 =  create new array, arguments=-12000, 4500, -25000, null, null
038   |$bp.pos.t4 =  create new array, arguments=8000, 4500, -25000, null, null
039   |$config.positions =  create new array, arguments=$bp.pos.t1, $bp.pos.t2, $bp.pos.t3, $bp.pos.t4, null
040   |$config.gates = [FALSE]
041   end
042   * END BLB
You could place 8 sats but most traffic occurs between 9k and 0k (the height of the gates above the ecliptic)

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Post by boran_blok » Tue, 29. Dec 09, 10:27

After some testing I changed the distances off center of the t2 and t3 to -25k, 12k was too much overlap with the sats on the right.

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Post by Corporeal » Tue, 29. Dec 09, 14:19

Automation ftw! Thanks for giving me back all the time this normally takes!

Would be nice to have the length, width, and height of a sector's network up to the player though. Even so, downloaded :)

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Post by Ceryse » Sun, 17. Jan 10, 20:43

Been using this mod since getting the game off of Steam recently and have enjoyed it. However, I had to re-install the game to fix a few issues. Since then, this mod hasn't.. well, seemed to work properly.

When I go to set up a ship (Argon Discoverer) everything seems to be as it should be. I set the Home sector, jump radius, etc., etc., hit Start and.. nothing. I get a mail notification telling me the ship couldn't find any "friendly sectors". I haven't a clue what's wrong and causing it to spit that out.

I've tried setting Home Sectors to everywhere from Argon Prime, Neptune, Kingdom's End, etc., and have 8+ notoriety with every race. Only hostiles I have are Pirates, Yaki, Xenon and Kha'ak. I've tried using Ship Friend Foe both on and off, tweaking friend and foe settings, making sure all the Race Deployments are On, and so on. Also tried it without setting a Home Sector at all.

Nothing works, I always get the message that it can't find any friendly sectors. The ships are properly out-fitted (Nav, Special, Jumpdrive, satellites already in their cargo bay and so forth) but.. same message, every time.

Anyone got a clue as to what's going wrong? I never had this problem prior to re-installing the game, and every other mod I've downloaded is working properly (MARS, Lucike's trading mods).

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Post by dakingmaster » Mon, 25. Jan 10, 20:21

Some feedback from my game:
I got 3 Discoverers geared up and ready
I loaded them all with Adv. Sats, set home sectors, radius bla bla bla and clicked [Start]
The first thing I dont understand is the "none" command (or action) in the ships screen - it's a bit hmmm disorientating; but the second thing is worse - the "8 box formation" (which is the only reason I've installed this script) doesn't work!!! The ship deploys the first (?) satellite in the upper right corner of the sector and goes idle for a couple of minutes and then goes to another sector, deploys one sat and so on...

something is definatelly wrong... and I didn't even mention that this script (particularly ordering a ship to start deploying sats while docked to a station) caused my game to crash for the first time since I've installed the 2.5 patch...
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Post by hedge0035 » Tue, 9. Feb 10, 05:40

Ok so i wanted to give some feedback on this, i just downloaded the latest version today... so far it works. only problem i see is that when they get the sats they will sit around docked for 15 min before starting and the after droping just 1 sat they will then sit on top of it for around 15 min before moving on. i was just wandering if this was normal behavoir?? other than that it is working.

i have money in the bank and they have sats in the cargo hold during the waiting. btw.

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Post by Shadow_Wolf33 » Thu, 11. Feb 10, 21:22

Just wanted to say that this script is AWESOME! Makes getting the galaxy re-mapped out after starting a new game SO much easier. Thanks for the excellent work!

Only thing I would really like to see added to the script, is something in the 'current order' field so that I know that this particular craft is mapping out the galaxy for me, rather than just sitting around picking his nose.

Other than that it works great for me! :D

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