[Mod/Patch] X3-Unleashed [RC2] [Aug-06-2010] - X3 Performance gains up to 38%

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Post by JendrykEpsilon » Wed, 9. Jul 14, 02:23

I've experienced what amounts to a near-galaxy wide economic crash shortly after installing this. Primarily, I've just set it to where all the races are at peace with each other, with the Xenons being the invader. The option is included where they lay waste to surrounding sectors.

Before I set up several hefty defense fleets along particularly troublesome Xenon sector border worlds, they literally destroyed everything in places like menelaus' paradise and many of the sectors on the eastern fringe of the galaxy. After putting large fleets in place, and assisting every time an invasion happened, stations were eventually rebuilt but the damage was done. There's very little trading and I'm watching what was a vibrant trade empire being crippled. The once very profitable stations are no longer providing the income they once did, and half of my trade fleet is in standby mode. At my HQ/missile trade stations, there's hardly any AI trades trickling in anymore.

I also installed Jaga's performance upgrade mod which removes some civilian ships and their military escorts. Not sure if this would do it?

Regardless, the economy is screwed and I'm actively losing money. Will defending the border sectors and letting them rebuild eventually restore the economy?


I should also note that many of my stations are spread out throughout- with my HQ on the farthest southern sector on the eastern side of the map under menelaus oasis. My trading fleets are mostly based around Home of Light, Kingdom's End, Argon Prime, and the various Terran sectors near the solar system.

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Post by unavoidablefate » Fri, 22. Aug 14, 09:07

why was this mod never finished?

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Broken link

Post by Deleted User » Tue, 23. Dec 14, 15:02

Jaga_Telesin wrote: With regards to Unleashed, I whipped up a small v1.0 test cat/dat that works with X3:TC 3.2a. Anyone wanting to play/test with it is welcome.

Download is here.

It contains all the stuff RC2 had in it for 2.7.1, and is updated with all Job changes since.
Where can I get a copy of Unleashed v1.0 test for X3:TC 3.2a as the original link is no longer active. :?
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Post by JSDD » Tue, 23. Dec 14, 18:49

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Post by Deleted User » Tue, 23. Dec 14, 19:33

Hi JSDD, unfortunately this is not the version I am looking for. I am referring to the last update for x3tc 3.2a:

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Post by Lt_Fairace » Tue, 17. Nov 15, 22:05

AP version new download link? the one given is not working,

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